*No Rest for the Wicked*

Hello lovelies💖, I’m sitting here posting to you guys in the middle of the night🌌 because my brain doesn’t want to shut off. I’ve been devouring a new book.📖 I have kids and have plans to get my Jesus🕇 on tomorrow with a friend but my book📗 keeps giving me that look.👀 You know that look like 🎶🎤*baby come back, you can blame it all on me!!!*🎶 My body is telling me noooo but my mind that’s right my mind is telling me yes🎵📻!!! I feel my eyes begin to sag😥 and feel like I’m going to be taken to Dreamland😪 but it’s not that easy because the sheep🐑 I’m counting jumping over the damn fence turn into books!!!📚🐑 BAH! BAH! Well anyways does anyone else battle this sleeping😫 disorder maybe not in the demented way I do but you get the picture.📚🤘Rock on loves💖 and here is to another sleepless night🌌!

8 Comments on “*No Rest for the Wicked*

  1. Sounds a bit like you might have a case of what I like to call “one more chapter” syndrome. It’s a pretty serious disease with no cure in sight. 😦

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