Hey guys I know this is a complete random post but this girl(yours truly) has been having some issues with rebloggging post from my favorite bilbliophiles and authors! Sometimes I can go to the web version of the post and be able to push the reblog button and times like now I can’t reblog anyone’s post because the reblog option doesn’t show up. This happens 90 percent of the time for me!!! So my blogger loves my question is, is there another way to reblog other’s posts? 

Thanks for any feedback my loved and I promise I will have more book love and reviews coming out soon! 😊 Still been battling being sick so my reading schedule is behind!😱 I hope everyone has a fantastic week! You guys rock!! 🎸✌😎

41 Comments on “*~Reblogging??!~*😕📚

  1. I don’t know any other way than the reblog button. Sorry. I’ve had glitches of many types on WP. Often, they just resolve themselves. I’ve been told to contact the tech people here before, but I’ve never used them before.

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  2. You can always just put the link to their site in a post. When I have done it, I always put Reblog: their post title at the top, plus I link both the post and their About Me in the body of my post. I let them know about this ahead of time. I’m doing one tomorrow if you want to see it.

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  3. There is a work-around: create a second instance of your ‘site’ and see what happens (no guarantees, but it has been known to work occasionally).

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  4. Some WordPress sites (depends on the style you chose) have “Reblog” listed and some don’t. Same with “LinkedIn” and other options. I don’t know why that is, but it is. So, when you choose the style template of your WordPress blog, you might get “Reblog” or you might not. I’ve learned this because I wanted “LinkedIn” as an option but learned I’d have to change my “style” template to one which has it as an option. Confusing, but hope this helps. 🙂

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  5. I’m not really a tech wizard. At times I have the biggest trouble getting a post out: but WordPress at times has issues as well. Like comments disappearing in spawn filters again. Today is such a day again. Hope you feel better soon 😊

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  6. My guess on this would be either it’s just glitchy at the moment which tends to happen in the free version of the site quite a bit or what also came to mind is sometimes people get a time out for likes or comments when doing a lot that maybe the button went missing for you after doing a lot putting you in time out????

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