*Funny Things Written by Kids😂~*

Hello beautiful people!!! Today I wanted to share these hilarious things written by kids! I hope that these pics will lighten your mood! Stay awesome everyone! You rock!❤😎

36 Comments on “*Funny Things Written by Kids😂~*

  1. I doubt you’ve ever seen the (very!) old Art Linkletter TV Show, “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” Real popular in the mid 1950s (yes, I’m a dinosaur, although most of his shows I saw were old re-runs). Anyhoo, I suppose the old Bible verse applies: “There is nothing new under the sun.” 🙂

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  2. Funny thing my daughter said when she was four:
    “Daddy, when you die of old age, mom’s going to marry David Garret (a violinist) because he’s rich and can buy me a pony.”
    Then she turned around and said,
    “Mom, when you die of old age and all I have is my new daddy David, he’s going to get married to Lindsey Stirling (a violinist) and they’re going to feel bad for me because I’ll be an orphan….so they’ll buy me a swimming pool. But, I mean, not til you’re both dead of old age.

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  3. Aww. These are all so cute especially the apology from that daughter to her mum for calling her a piece of poo😂😂😂😂. Also, that Catherine and her assasins tho. Damn…And the doughnut-obsessed boy that wrote a thank you letter😂😂😂😂 Stuff like this never happen in my country cos it’s considered “disrespectful”

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