*~Review Mysteriously Deleted😠~*

I just wanted to vent for a moment. I just took 40 minutes of my time to write an awesome review of a book I just finished! I had the great GIFs and tags everything was done and fantabulous. Then mysteriously The Wicked WordPress app of the West goes on a psychotic tantrum and deletes my whole post!!!😨😨😤😤 I mean WTF! I just spent all that time for it to be deleted and nowhere to be found. I put all that time and effort into a long perfected review and then BAM all gone! Fuckin’ A!

So just a heads up I will be posting my reviews later on when I can calm my tits. I hope everyone has a great day. Rant over…😒

Over and out…

86 thoughts on “*~Review Mysteriously Deleted😠~*

  1. Not even sure whether or not to like this post.. I can definitely get your frustration!
    I once had the same thing with a whole list of books I had to manually type out. HORROR.
    I think I refused to write a post for a couple of days after that.. Hope you take less time to “calm your tits”, haha.

    Lately I’ve been hitting that save-button every couple of sentences just so I don’t have to go through the same thing again.. :’)

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  2. I get your frustration with that. I have a 4 year old who loves to delete my posts and 2 cats who have been known to walk across my keyboard. Then I have to rewrite. So yeah, I totally get you there. And WordPress was acting all sorts of funky yesterday. It kept resetting my most recent post. I had to save draft after every paragraph.

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  3. Aw man….that happened to me once as well. I feel your pain so much. I seriously nearly threw my computer out of the window when that happened. At first I did not even want to rewrite it. Ugh…it makes you want to tear all your hair out. I’m not going to give this post a like…because there is nothing to like about it. Hopefully the rest of your day went better than this. Take care…and goodluck 😊

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  4. Ahhhh, dang! That is so frustrating! Technology can be stupid sometimes. You would think there would be fail-safe and auto-save functions that engage more quickly these days. SMH. Well, I look forward to reading your review when you do get it posted. Happy Halloween!

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  5. Lately, I’ve been typing a couple of words into the title, then scheduling the post before I write it or the same thing happens. So frustrating, and I won’t even get into the fact Amazon deleted every review I’ve ever done since 1998 (no lie) and won’t even answer my emails!! Err!

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  6. Ugh, that’s the worst! I had written a long review on NetGalley and my computer wigged out and I lost it. I wanted to scream! I now write them all on wordpress first since it saves them periodically, but apparently not always! 😦

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  7. awww that is crappy 😦 I’m sorry. It’s enraging when it happens. Seems like it always happens with a post or review that I’m really happy with or one that has taken forever to write then…..poof……it’s gone.
    I’ve started writing it in word then transferring it to wordpress. Then I keep the word document for awhile in a folder on a USB. I used to just keep it on my computer but then my computer has malfunctioned way to many times so using the USB helps. I know it seems like a lot of work though.
    Anyhow…I hope you feel better and I look forward to your posts!! ❤

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  8. Big question here: are you using Windows 10 as your word processor? I’ve had more @#%&***@ problems with stuff disappearing and jumping around and who-knows-what other frustrations since buying my new laptop a year ago which came loaded with Windows 10. NEVER had these problems with Windows 7! 😦

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  9. Here’s hoping your tits were calmed… its happened to me aswell before, these days i rather start a post and directly go the, save as concept way… doing it from a phone ,
    2 hours a post is ridiculous!

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  10. This is very frustrating and sometimes with me too Dani…..all that hard work and off it goes in a whisker……I can understand……..btw you have a nice blog and I have started following it…..

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