*~Review Mysteriously Deleted😠~*

I just wanted to vent for a moment. I just took 40 minutes of my time to write an awesome review of a book I just finished! I had the great GIFs and tags everything was done and fantabulous. Then mysteriously The Wicked WordPress app of the West goes on a psychotic tantrum and deletes my whole post!!!😨😨😤😤 I mean WTF! I just spent all that time for it to be deleted and nowhere to be found. I put all that time and effort into a long perfected review and then BAM all gone! Fuckin’ A!

So just a heads up I will be posting my reviews later on when I can calm my tits. I hope everyone has a great day. Rant over…😒

Over and out…

Author: Dani☆Touch My Spine Book Reviews☆

Hello lovelies! I'm Danielle a.k.a Dani and I'm a huge Book Dragon! I say Dragon because I'm majestic asf not because my derriere is large;) I am a part of my local Friends of the Library where I get involved with reading communities,author signings, author interviews and book sales! I am obsessed with BOOKS! I am a proud bilbliophile and love reading so much because it is what saved my life! I was in a very dark place and stuck in bed because of my chronic illnesses until I started reading faithfully. Reading allows me to go on so many journeys when I am stuck where I'm at. Reading allows my free spirit to be free! I love everything about books from the way they smell and feel to the way they give me the ultimate escape from reality. I love to review books and get recommendations for future reads. I'm a member of NetGalley and review books on different platforms as well! I love meeting new people and finding the beauty in everything. I love all types of books from wet my pants humor (thanks motherhood), to I love you so much that I want to kiss your face romance novels, to the hairs sticking back of my neck suspense and even some books that might wet your panties in a more erotic fashion! I am a stay at home mom for the most part. I have some awesome kids whom I passed on the joy of reading. I love spending free time to volunteer at small struggling bookstores and donating books to the less fortunate. I have an associates degree in Psychology and starting on a degree in Literature in 2018. My goal and dream is to become a bilbliotherapist. So I can share the love of reading with those who are suffering physically or emotionally. I am also random, sarcastic and very open minded. There is no subject that is off limits for me and I promise to listen with an open mind! I hope you enjoy my blog and would love some recommendations and feedback! I am looking forward to meeting fellow book lovers, book molesters or anyone else who is interested! I blog about other things besides books occasionally as well. I love reading and following different blogs so I can interact with new interesting people. Love you guys and thanks for checking out my site! i appreciate all my followers, any feedback or recommendations!

79 thoughts on “*~Review Mysteriously Deleted😠~*”

  1. Not even sure whether or not to like this post.. I can definitely get your frustration!
    I once had the same thing with a whole list of books I had to manually type out. HORROR.
    I think I refused to write a post for a couple of days after that.. Hope you take less time to “calm your tits”, haha.

    Lately I’ve been hitting that save-button every couple of sentences just so I don’t have to go through the same thing again.. :’)

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      1. I’ve found that my email will save a draft copy if you suddenly get rebooted or any other such thing right in the middle of a sentence so I’ve been typing up my thoughts on the book over there just in case here lately.

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      2. Wow, no idea why it would do something like that. You may want to try at least doing your typing out somewhere that will save just in case. I know that wouldn’t help as you add images and things but it would keep from losing everything you’d done. 😦

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  2. I get your frustration with that. I have a 4 year old who loves to delete my posts and 2 cats who have been known to walk across my keyboard. Then I have to rewrite. So yeah, I totally get you there. And WordPress was acting all sorts of funky yesterday. It kept resetting my most recent post. I had to save draft after every paragraph.

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      1. I wish I knew…lol. I think its the whole Mom thing. You know, Mom is doing something that take attention away from them so they have to see and do what we do….lol. Hope the rest of your day went well!!

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  3. Aw man….that happened to me once as well. I feel your pain so much. I seriously nearly threw my computer out of the window when that happened. At first I did not even want to rewrite it. Ugh…it makes you want to tear all your hair out. I’m not going to give this post a like…because there is nothing to like about it. Hopefully the rest of your day went better than this. Take care…and goodluck 😊

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  4. Ahhhh, dang! That is so frustrating! Technology can be stupid sometimes. You would think there would be fail-safe and auto-save functions that engage more quickly these days. SMH. Well, I look forward to reading your review when you do get it posted. Happy Halloween!

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  5. Lately, I’ve been typing a couple of words into the title, then scheduling the post before I write it or the same thing happens. So frustrating, and I won’t even get into the fact Amazon deleted every review I’ve ever done since 1998 (no lie) and won’t even answer my emails!! Err!

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  6. Ugh, that’s the worst! I had written a long review on NetGalley and my computer wigged out and I lost it. I wanted to scream! I now write them all on wordpress first since it saves them periodically, but apparently not always! 😦

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  7. awww that is crappy 😦 I’m sorry. It’s enraging when it happens. Seems like it always happens with a post or review that I’m really happy with or one that has taken forever to write then…..poof……it’s gone.
    I’ve started writing it in word then transferring it to wordpress. Then I keep the word document for awhile in a folder on a USB. I used to just keep it on my computer but then my computer has malfunctioned way to many times so using the USB helps. I know it seems like a lot of work though.
    Anyhow…I hope you feel better and I look forward to your posts!! ❤

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  8. Big question here: are you using Windows 10 as your word processor? I’ve had more @#%&***@ problems with stuff disappearing and jumping around and who-knows-what other frustrations since buying my new laptop a year ago which came loaded with Windows 10. NEVER had these problems with Windows 7! 😦

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  9. Here’s hoping your tits were calmed… its happened to me aswell before, these days i rather start a post and directly go the, save as concept way… doing it from a phone ,
    2 hours a post is ridiculous!

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  10. This is very frustrating and sometimes with me too Dani…..all that hard work and off it goes in a whisker……I can understand……..btw you have a nice blog and I have started following it…..

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