Day: November 2, 2017

*~Please Add Me On Goodreads Lovelies📚💖~*

Hello fellow awesome book nerdigans! I’m posting this post because I realized that so many of my awesome blogger friends are not friends with me on Goodreads!😞 If you want to, I would love for you to add me on my Goodreads account! If…

Jigsaw, American movie (2017)

Originally posted on Raistlin0903:
Well, Halloween is over, and we all need to wait another year to go out as a creature that bumps into the night. Erm, yeah that actually does sound pretty disturbing: moving on. Even though everyone’s favorite fright night is…

*~Awesome Dads~*

Hey there dudes and dudettes! I wanted to share some photos of some funny and awesome dads! I hope it makes you smile and I hope you have a fantastic day!!!😎❤🤗

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