*~Please Add Me On Goodreads Lovelies📚💖~*

Hello fellow awesome book nerdigans! I’m posting this post because I realized that so many of my awesome blogger friends are not friends with me on Goodreads!😞 If you want to, I would love for you to add me on my Goodreads account! If not, that’s cool too!😁 I’m a little aggravated because I wrote a longer post but it mysteriously deleted itself… I know, I know… Again??!😞 WordPress has seriously been hatin’ on me lately. *Sighs* Anywho, I hope you awesome people have a fantastic day! You rock socks! 🎸 

You can find my Goodreads account @ *~Bookish Dani~* Goodreads Account 💖📚😎

22 Comments on “*~Please Add Me On Goodreads Lovelies📚💖~*

  1. And……just sent you a friends request 😀 WordPress is really doing some very annoying things the psst few days. Deleting entire posts though has got to be one of the most frustrating things ever. Really sorry to hear this. Hope it will sort itself out soon 😊

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  3. Not another post!! That’s awful. I write my posts on my WordPress dashboard and while writing the post, it saves every few minutes. Maybe you should try that. On a happier note, I followed on Goodreads!! @Taiwo Balogun😊

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