Day: November 3, 2017

☆~Thankful for my Followers~☆~Recieving Requests and Copies from Awesome Authors~☆

I have loved becoming a book blogger and all the added perks! I have met amazing people and amazing authors! I am so happy with my stats and traffic on my blog! Awesome Sauce!😁📚💃 When I first joined WordPress I thought I was going…

The Growing Self Blog Award

Originally posted on Mermaid Reading:
Happy Friday lovelies! Today I am posting about The Growing Self Blog Award. The beautiful Naty at Naty’s Bookshelf nominated me for this award. She has been an awesome blog friend, so go show her amazing blog some love!…

☆~Trump with Kids vs. Obama with Kids~☆

They say “kids are a great judge of character.” The photos with Obama truly warmed my heart!❤

☆~Awesome Author and Book!~First Came Forever by Annie Woods~☆

Hey lovelies!!! I wanted to share with you this awesome author I met with you! I met her through Instagram! She is so kind and has amazing reviews for her new book First Came Forever! I can’t wait until I get to check out…

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