☆~Thankful for my Followers~☆~Recieving Requests and Copies from Awesome Authors~☆

I have loved becoming a book blogger and all the added perks! I have met amazing people and amazing authors! I am so happy with my stats and traffic on my blog! Awesome Sauce!😁📚💃

When I first joined WordPress I thought I was going to fail at this blogger business. I mean, who wants to hear my random behind blabber and to be honest I was a bit intimidated.

That all changed when I met some awesome people and started to let some of the anxiety go! Kim at By Hook Or By Book took me under her wing and I started getting involved with everyone! I am still working on not putting my foot in my mouth and being a better blogger but no way thought I could get almost 300 more followers within the last month and get so many shout-outs! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I am so grateful for everyone and try my best to always interact back as soon as possible! I couldn’t do this without you guys and I am so happy to be part of the blogging community!

Today, I recieved an autographed copy of the book Birthrights by J. Kyle McNeal. His shout out in his autograph made my day just like the award I recieved from Darque Dreamer Reads today.

I just wanted to share with you guys that being part of this community and interacting with everyone has been a life saver for me! I have chronic illnesses that cause me not to be able to go out and have lost many of friendships unfortunately. Having you guys as followers and interacting with you has been a Godsend! Everyday everyone here makes my world a little brighter!

Okay enough with the mushy gushy stuff, I know! Lol. I am sharing with you guys some books and autographs I have recieved within the last month! I hope everyone has a fantastic day and weekend! Happy reading lovelies!📚😁

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Hey everyone! I'm Dani and I am a free spirited bibliophile!💖 I love meeting new people and being a part of this community. I have met the best people in the world being a book blogger and love them as family.😍 Here's some words that describe who I am in a nutshell: Book Nerd Girl, Custom-Made, Hippie Chick, Empath, Tarot Reader, Open Minded, Spiritual(but doesn't push), A Random Rambler, Loves Humor, Pansexual, Poly, Animal Lover, Book Molester, Life Coach, Psychology Major, Dyslexic That Was Self Taught With Books, Inspiring Author, Loves Others to a Fault!💖😍 The only thing I ask for on this blog is respect! Craziness and dirty joking welcome.💯 Discrimination and disrespectful comments can hit their asses with the door!💯📌📝

33 thoughts on “☆~Thankful for my Followers~☆~Recieving Requests and Copies from Awesome Authors~☆

  1. Okay….well…wow, what to say to a post like this. Before I turn this into some mushy gushy stuff too, I would like to say that I have ranked you amongst my favorite bloggers that I have met. Your comments always are incredibly enthusiastic, and your posts are always full of joy and happyness. I think it’s also very brave of you to share something so personal about yourself. And in my opinion that makes you even more awesome than you already are 😊 I’m really sorry to hear about your illness, but I am also very glad that this community has been a lifesaver for you. All I can say is keep doing what you are doing! Your blog is amazing and I hope it will continue fir many more years to come. Damn….this still turned into something mushy gushy….oh well…some things can’t be helped I guess 😂😂

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    1. OMG!!!!😁 That is so sweet Michel!!!💗💗💗💗 You are one of my favorites as well! Your comment makes me feel so much better! I just try to be myself. I’ve always loved others even to a fault sometimes. Today I’m so happy with all this positivity!😁 Thanks so much!!! You rock and it’s easy to say great things when you have such a great blog and you are so awesome!💖😘

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  2. Wow, your words have really touched me, it makes me so happy that you feel that way right now. I think this community is full of kind and warm people, and I agree, it’s wonderful to be part of something like that. I wish you the best with your blog and your life in general babe 💕💕💕

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  3. Dani, it makes me so happy that you’re had good experiences here. I have too. Thank goodness I didn’t listen to people who think only bad comes of blogging. I’ve made mistakes too but overall i find this format brings out people’s best perhaps because here we think before we speak 😀

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  4. Seeing this post in my reader, I immediately went “YESS. HER TITS ARE HAPPY AGAIN!”
    [I couldn’t not say that..]

    I’m so glad you find your own little spot in the blogging community and are enjoying it! [Wordpress-irritations aside, that is.] I’ve realized myself how big of a help this community can be with everything in life, not just books and it’s amazing to read that I’m not the only one coming to that conclusion, haha.

    Also YAY for that signed copy! I honestly went through the roof when I got my first signed book by an author. Was even more happy when it appeared to be one of my favorite reads this year as well, haha.

    To many more happiness and fun and and no tortured tits!


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