*~Disturbed by Jennifer Jaynes~3.5 Stars~*

I want to thank NetGalley and Thomas and Mercer for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for this opportunity.

Synopsis: Chelsea lives her life in Boston by hanging out with her cat and binge watching television. She lives this way because her life got turned upside down nearly 5 years ago when two of her classmates were brutally murdered and she was left to die from severe stab wounds. Luckily Detective Lang finds her in the bathtub barely alive and she gets help in enough time.

In present day, Chelsea still battles nightmares and the trauma of that horrible night. She battles memory lost of the tragedy and from her childhood because of the trauma. Chelsea moved to Boston to move away from the tragedy and to follow her friend Elizabeth. Elizabeth is always there for Chelsea when she needs her and helps her through her trauma issues.

When Chelsea and Elizabeth go out to the weekend farmer’s market, Chelsea runs into a person that she knew at the time of the tragedy. Suddenly, Chelsea starts recieving disturbing messages and suspicious encounters. Has the murderer returned after 5 years to finish the job? Will Chelsea be able to protect herself and face her trauma? Read Disturbed by Jennifer Jaynes to find out!

Review: This is going to be a really tough review for me because I am very conflicted about this book. I really enjoyed the storyline and how much twists and turns the author put in this story. This a very suspenseful thriller and can see why it’s so highly rated. The problem was I figured out everything from the beginning. I know so many other reviewers were completely thrown off guard and completly can see why everyone kept guessing. I don’t want to give any spoilers away but I can say I’ve been in a circumstance so was able to know where things were going. I was able to recognize early clues right off the back. I think this book will do really well and definitely recommend it. The reason I’m giving it 3.5 stars is because I knew everything that was going to happen so it lessened my experience but it was still very enjoyable. 95% of people I’m sure would not be able to keep up with all the twists and turns and this would be a very satisfying mystery. I also didn’t really enjoy how they made the effects of main character’s trauma look. The reason this review is so hard is because if it wasn’t a trigger for me this would have been 5+ stars. I can’t say the trigger without it being a spoiler but I think many would love picking up this psychological thriller and will love the twists and turns! Jennifer Jaynes does a really great job of putting a story together. Sorry if this review was a little confusing but overall this is a good book. Top grade thriller!

22 Comments on “*~Disturbed by Jennifer Jaynes~3.5 Stars~*

  1. I hate it when a story is predictable, whether it’s a book or movie. If I figure out the ending within two chapters, I’m most likely not going to continue reading it.
    Have you ever read any books by Harlan Coben? That is a thriller and humorous at times. I guess I like his books because all his stories are based in NJ and/or NY, where I live. Always a good storyline though.

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  2. Those are the difficult reviews. When you feel conflicted about something. You managed to pull it off though. Great post! I have that sometimes with movies. Other people say they could not see that twist coming, but I figured it out right at the start. Maybe I just watch too many movies, and you read too many books lol 😂😂

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    • It was just me Kim. I was very fond of the storytelling and I’m sure you will enjoy it!😁 The book has a lot of twists and turns it just had a situation that has directly effected me but it was a very good book! She did really good and I think you will enjoy it! We will touch base after you finish!😉 I hope it wasn’t predictable for you, Carrie really enjoyed it and was shocked and so were so many other reviewers! You know different books effect different people differently. I’m usually the last to know what the hell is going on.

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  3. Oh nooo 😦 This seems like a conflictual book for you. If with the experience you had you were to see it with a clear eyes and predict it, I understand how it would ruin the experience for you. And it has triggers oh gawd Im so sorry 😭😭😨 Hope you enjoy your next read !! ❤️

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