☆~Bookish Home Decor and Such~☆

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and I thought I’d share some bookish love by posting these pics of bookish decor or things made with books. Hope everyone has a great day!📚💝📚💝

47 Comments on “☆~Bookish Home Decor and Such~☆

  1. That xmas tree hahaha!! “Hey! stop piling up books on the floor and get rid of some!” -“No!, I’m growing a xmas tree for next year!” 😛

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  2. Love all of them! I really like the first picture as well, never seen that before but must be so nice to look at that each day :-)! I’m doing another bookish DIY soon as well, I’m happy I have a little bookish decoration at home 🙂

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  3. Hmmm. I’m not sure if I LOVE that book wall in the first picture or want to dig at all the books until I’ve torn my fingernails off and they are all free…. mixed feelings.

    Thought I do quite like the “With her nose stuck in a book” display! :). Cute collection!

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  4. From the day I started reading, I’ve wanted to have a house of books. And now that I saw one, it seems soo enchanting to me… these are lovely ideas.. 🙂

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