WordPress Notification Issues And The Cookie Monster


Hello, my loves!!!💖 I just wanted to let you guys that I don’t know what crawled up WordPress’s arse and made it hate me but I swear I am not ignoring your comments unless you are a spammer. I am supposed to be alerted and notified when someone comments me back or comments on one of my posts. Well… that’s not the case! WordPress let’s me know a few days later sometimes never and I just don’t know how to fix this issue. I tried asking the “Happiness Engineers”, with no response. So I am going with the thought that WordPress is out to get me with it’s craziness and the attack of the cookies. I have noticed how on everyone’s page it wants me to accept and close for cookies but it won’t go away!

Well… Listen here blasted Cookie Monster and said Engineers of Glee, it’s not working out and you guys need a plan. Like a Cookie Monster and Engineer meeting so that we can all live in peace, love and harmony and all that good shit.

Okay enough with the paranoia *puts tinfoil hat away* and rambling on. I just wanted to let you all know I Lovvvvverrrsss your faces and I swear I am not ignoring you. You guys are the bee’s knees. If bees have knees, you simply don’t ignore.

Love ya! Xoxoxo! Also sorry about all the site look changes. I was having battles with my “other selves” on how my blog should look, I guess but I give up. It’s staying the way it is for a good while now. I hope everyone has a spectacular weekend! Over and Out.


55 thoughts on “WordPress Notification Issues And The Cookie Monster

  1. I think all this GDPR stuff needs to settle down first, then WP should add some fixes to clean it all up, and get us back to normal. I am getting your comments on my blog, so I hope you get this one.
    As ever, Pete. XX

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  2. I hear Ya! Lately my comments and likes on people’s blogs have been reverting! I’ll loke and comment on something, then another day I’ll go back to check on other posts and notice that the one I liked before isn’t anymore and my comment isn’t there!! 😕 It’s driving me crazy!

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  3. My biggest problem with WP is when it makes me unfollow some folks on occasion. I’ll find these people on random tag searches and be like, “WTF, I’ve been following your for months/years!?” It’s frustrating as heck.

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  4. They are always “improving” and upgrading stuff, just like Microsoft did when they introduced Windows 10. That wordprocessing system is so screwed up I can’t and won’t begin to wail about it again (bad for the blood pressure and anxiety!). Worst crappy wp they’ve ever put out. So, hang in there Dani girl, this too shall pass. 🙂

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  5. I’m having all sorts of WordPress problems too!! I don’t get notifications and I have to sign in each and every time I want to Like or comment on someone’s blog post. It’s so frustrating!! I hope they resolve these issues soon. It’s really putting a damper on my blogging life.

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  6. I may be going straight to your spam folder, wordpress doesn’t seem to like me but I figured I’d stop by and wave in case you ever actually see this…..


  7. It’s not just you! I’m not seeing comments, blog posts for blogs I follow aren’t showing up, blogs I follow are showing as unfollowed and I have to keep following them…like yours!! I have no clue what is going on but it’s pissing me off, especially not getting my notifications. I told you WP hates me but I’m apparently not alone lol.

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