WordPress Has Been Been The Wicked Witch of The West!😥 I Miss You All! Xoxo!❤

SO… lately I have been having the worst of luck with WordPress and everytime I go to post or comment it kicks me off the app or freezes the browser!

I am not sure what’s been going on and I still am not getting my notifications right so hopefully it’s fixed soon! I hate that I can’t really comment on anyone’s blog and it takes me hours to post a single blitz post that has even been premade with html. It’s making it difficult to blog smd miss my bloggy friends!!!😭 Xoxoxo.

Hope to talk to you guys soon!

36 Comments on “WordPress Has Been Been The Wicked Witch of The West!😥 I Miss You All! Xoxo!❤

  1. Its oke. Sometimes WP takes a long time to load posts for me to fead aswell. Even somtimes when I liked a post, when i reload wp that like of mine is nowhere to be seen…

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    • I have a laptop but it’s broken pretty bad and it still does the same. I’m waiting for my new kindle to come in today though because my one I had from last year got messed up and realized I had insurance on it so I am very thankful for that. Maybe I will be able to figure that out when it comes today. It took me 4 tries to write this comment.😥


  2. WordPress keeps deleting my draft posts! I spent hours writing a complicated post and it got deleted three frickin times before I could finally post it! The app sucks! Anyway, hope you & your family are ok xxx😘

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  3. I have never used the App, but I am guessing that relying on a mobile phone signal is always going to create issues when posting. Not to worry, Dani, we will all still be here when it gets sorted out. 🙂 x
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  4. Ughh…that is so seriously annoying. I hope it gets resolved soon. I quit using the app myself as well, as I agree with Kim, I really don’t find it user friendly. The wordpress website works much better. No worries though…I hope it gets resolved quickly and of course look forward to reading your wonderful posts and comments again 😊😊


  5. Oh dear, Dani. I have had some issues with WP lately soon. Wishing you luck.


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