It Works, Finally!!!❤💙❤💙

Finally… WordPress is up and running smoothly for me and got an email saying my site should be running smoothly now but they are still working on some people having issues with receiving notifications so they can’t be sure that mine is working but everything else is so I am *happy dancing* all over the place!!! Yay, I missed your faces!!! And it won’t take a zilllion yeeeaaarrsss to post a blog post! Woot!🤩💃🕺💃⚡🌠🥂

29 Comments on “It Works, Finally!!!❤💙❤💙

  1. WOOOOOOOTTT….WOOOOOTTTT 😊😊😊 No worries, even if I won’t get a notification, I always check the reader every day, so I will see new posts come up in that way (and even if I don’t I always check your blog anyway 😊😊 But very glad things seem to be working again😘

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  2. Yay! My draft post got deleted this morning so I’m still having problems (luckily I’d cut and pasted it onto another draft a few minutes beforehand so I didn’t loose too much) but super happy for you!!! 💙💚🖤💛💜❤️

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