WP Issues, Marked As Spam And Can’t Comment!

Sorry guys but for some reason I am getting marked as spam when I try to comment.😖 My site is running slow and my post that have been scheduled are not posting correctly so I am currently under maintenance while tech services fix the issues. I live your faces and it means the world to me all the vibes and great wishes I received.

I am so glad I have met so many friends by my humble blog being followed! Love y’all and check a spam folder near you! Hopefully it’s all settled soon!😓 You guys all rock!!!!🤗🕉😘

31 Comments on “WP Issues, Marked As Spam And Can’t Comment!

  1. Have you already contacted Akismet? I have been having the same issues, and they reacted quite quickly and resolved the issue. It’s really annoying. Hopefully it will get solved soon, and we see you returning here 😊😊

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  2. You have not been put in my Spam folder, Dani.
    I know how annoying that is though, as it happens to me quite a lot too. 🙂 x
    Best wishes, Pete. xx

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  3. That sucks. Sorry that’s happening to you. Hopefully they’ll get it sorted soon.

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