Please Disregard My Last Post & Please Send My Family Prayers & Thoughts

So hey guys first off please disregard the last post called Cover Reveal In Servitude that I posted I confused the information, dates & names up terribly due to a concussion I received last week from a seizure I had. So it’s been an off week for me.

Also please pray for my family because this week was supposed to be a probable hopeful week with my court date for disability and my doctor’s appointment coming up today we started having flashes in our electricity and found out we are in state of emergency and have to evacuate!😫 Since I live in Charleston South Carolina, I am on the Coast of Charleston & have to evacuate with no options. I have 6 rescue animals and 3 kids and 4 disabled adults so please pray that since we live in a mobile home we are able to figure something out or the storm drastically changes and turns North! Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers while it’s crunch time for us!!!

52 Comments on “Please Disregard My Last Post & Please Send My Family Prayers & Thoughts

  1. Be careful, Dani! Hurricane Florence is heading straight for us too in North Carolina, so I’m freaked too. I’ll be praying for you and your family. If you are able to evacuate to any shelters, it’s now the law since Katrina that they have to allow you to bring your pets. I wasn’t sure if you knew that or not. Love you!

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  2. You have a lot on your plate and I’ll be praying for you and yours. We have to get from Florida back home to Virginia and can’t leave till Wednesday so I know what you’re going through!

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  3. Just read this, and checked your latest weather forecast. ‘Hurricane Florence arriving with destructive force.’ Nothing I can do of course, but I am hoping for the very best outcome for all of you. Let us know that you are safe, when you can.
    As ever, Pete. xx

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  4. Dear Dani, what a terrible and frightening situation to find yourself in. I’m sure the emergency services will prioritised you for assistance if you ask for help. Good luck over the coming days.

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    • They weren’t able to help me or my family because of my animals and I don’t have transportation to a shelter.😕 Sorry for my late review. I really enjoyed your book. It’s just been one hell of a week. Best wishes to you😊 Will post a great review on Amazon!💖


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