A Fundraiser Page & Explaining Where I Have Been And Why… So Sorry for My Absences

This is so difficult for me to write. Part of me wants to runaway and hide but the other part of me knows that I have to share this and knows I have to swallow my pride for my children. I am not going to explain everything here because it is all in the fundraiser link the whole story of what has got Dani to the point of not being a great blogger and honestly I have got to the point of fear and stress that I can’t think or feel besides pain. I have tried my best to do something and everything but I have no way of surviving if I don’t spread the word. I understand A lot of people can’t donate and don’t feel bad at all please, I am just thankful if you are still my friend and supportive in the end. I am trying to have faith that God will make a way but since I had a still birth things have been one after another. It’s so hard to share my story again but you can read the following link @ the fundraiser to see what’s going on. All types of support all welcome and are appreciated and any shares. I hope no one looks at me different and knows that I care about this community and I still think you all rock!! This place has been a slice of heaven where I am able to be me. Every single one of your friendships mean the world to me.
I guess I just need some source of hope and have to try anything I can since I have run options thus far but am not giving up. Thank you for viewing this and taking your time to read through my Go Fund Me Story even though it’s a bit raw and open.😞

Please Click The Link Below To Learn More! Thank you.

Click the image above to view or share my story or to donate only if you are able. There is also my PayPal info listed on my story. Thank you all for everything!💜💙 Any help will be used directly to important bills and if you have anymore questions feel free to contact me!💜

23 Comments on “A Fundraiser Page & Explaining Where I Have Been And Why… So Sorry for My Absences

  1. Tragic news, Dani. I really wish you could get some luck in your life for once, honey.
    I have sent something via Paypal. It’s all I can spare at the moment, with Christmas expenses at this time of year. I will try to send more in January.
    Love and best wishes to you, and to all your family.
    Pete. xx

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    • Thank you so much, Pete. That really touched my heart. I know a lot of people who have Christmas expenses and was thinking about that this morning and was hoping not to be selfish but I know I had to do something. As my life is crumbling. I was so sad that I even started to literally lose my mind and forget everything and was in such a horrible state of remembering and forgetting it was horrible. I appreciate you more than words can express and I’m so sorry if I’ve been a bad friend. I am going to try and help around more today. Hugs and kisses!💖 Thank you for being such an amazing friend and man through everything. You ROCK!💖

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  2. So sorry to hear this, Dani…. Will be praying for you. Please hang in there and don’t lose hope. Everything will be better soon. I will be rebloging this, and I sincerely hope, that more people will reach out and it will be of some help.

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  3. Hiya Book’em, have sent a little bit via PayPal, not enough to save you by any stretch, but maybe if everyone just gave a little bit, it would be enough. Wishing things get better for you. X

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    • Thank you so much, Waffles! Any amount is appreciated and I am grateful for it eternally. I just feel horrible having to do this so close to Christmas time. Thank you for being such a great friend through the ups and downs. I appreciate you.💜

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      • It’s ok. I can usually read about it without too many personal reactions. Even though our infertility and miscarriages were so painful, I’m at peace with it now. I like that our kids are grown and we can travel now. I think I’ve just tried to think of the positive things so that I don’t focus on the losses much anymore. It’s been quite a few years, so maybe that has made it easier on me. I was part of an infertility group, so I was always hearing stories and supporting others going through terrible things. (((hugs)))


  4. I am sorry to read of your loss Dani, I am also sorry for replying so very late. I hope you are doing well. I wish i could help you financialy but it is just not possible at the moment😖. Take your time in returning to blogging. I am sure everyone here understands. Keep strong keep your chin up, we will al stil be around when you return.🌹

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