MYTHAXIS: A new concept online magazine

Check out this great opportunity that the awesome Pete has shared!😀📚 A lot of my friends in the blogosphere love to write and I know a lot of fantasy lovers so this might be a great opportunity for some to look into! I am currently still working on my first novel and I feel this is one great way for a writer to get their voice/words out there.😀📚 Sending you guys lots of Love! Xoxox! Thanks for sharing this great post, Pete.💝


From Daniel Scott White, publisher of Longshot Island, Unreal, and Unfit, comes a new Fantasy Magazine project, Mythaxis.

This offers an exciting opportunity to bloggers and writers (including published authors) in the Fantasy genre. Daniel is looking for submissions to be included, and this explains how it works.

We want stories that are well written, intelligent, and enjoyable to read. We are looking for stories with metaphors and emotional ambiance and imaginative descriptive writing.

Getting Published Online

Submit your story using the form below. Just copy and paste it from your file into the content box in the form, where it says “Post Content”.

For your story to be published online, you must have a book that you’re selling. Include the link to your book in the form, where it says “Your URL”.

In exchange for your story, we’ll promote your book on this site (and elsewhere: newsletter, social media…

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