Sorry For My Absence, A Question & An Update

Thank you so much for taking your time to view my post!

Hey lovelies! I know that I have barely popped in over the last year and I will admit I am quite ashamed that every time I thought I could make a 100% come back, things didn’t happen as planned. I know everyone in the World of Blog(really, everyone in the world) is having troubled times and I hate to write this out to explain about me when I haven’t been the supportive friend and blogger I know I should have been to all of you, my lovelies! And damn! I know you guys have been there at some of the worst of times! I really am sorry for not being around but life has turned into one helluva tornado and has twisted and turned until there were many times I thought I was going to give up but for my kids, family, & friends I still have hope for brighter days even if that light of hope is quite dim at times. I have lost several loved ones to covid-19 and experienced the virus first hand while grieving. Unfortunately, coronavirus has led to me having multiple seizures while I was infected and battling for my life with it but the crummy part is once I finally test negative for the virus after a month and a half, unfortunately, the health problems didn’t end then, they escalated. I was finally making some peace with my grief but post-covid-19 health problems hit me with a bang! My epilepsy worsened and have been having seizures a couple times a week since and honestly the anxiety and fear from that alone has been deeply overwhelming. I feel blessed because I have help with my kids through this whole mess and while on bed rest and get help with them while they go to school online. Of course as many people whom have faced many struggles, that wasn’t the only thing I had to contend with. My children’s father Thomas(which I have talked about his health in the past) went through many health emergencies(not related to covid-19). He was hospitalized on and off and of course without enough money or insurance they just told him they couldn’t figure out what was going on but seemed well enough. Well the first of December, he went to the hospital after working just a day of work because he came home swollen everywhere. Blessed be, that the ER doctor promised they would do everything in their power to find out what’s going on with him. Well after a whole week of tests, medications, and labs. We find out that he now has Stage 3 Kidney Disease/Failure brought on by Nephrotic Syndrome. He also was found to be legally blind suddenly only able to see 20/200 in one eye nothing in the other and it couldn’t be fixed through glasses or anything like that, couldn’t work anymore and is facing a lot of pain and difficulty adjusting to the pain and his inability to really see anything. He also has Brittle Diabetes/Type 3 so I give him injections at least 5 times a day. With all the pain from the seizures and with my autoimmune disorder and fibromyalgia flaring up really bad, it’s been extremely difficult to help with the kids when needed and tend to now 2 fully disabled adults. Putting all the sudden loss of income and the inability to get any health insurance for Thomas, it’s been quite the ride on one helluva roller coaster and it’s been really difficult to get back up from each fall. Most of my time is all a blur and taken up recently but with Thomas unable to see his phone and he can’t really see the TV either, I play him books via TTS on Kindle. So listening to the books I play during the day makes me think about and miss the blog-o-verse so much! The best of friends I have met via WordPress and other platforms. I have to admit that I was being a bit of a coward at one point and was so scared to come online and see everyone going through so much and knew my anxiety and overwhelming Empathy couldn’t take it seeing the suffering of any of my friends in the world of blog. I have been overwhelmed with guilt, anxiety, and fear of losing someone else to this pandemic that has stole something from us all and I truly apologize because I should have been showing more support in those rare moments because I know I received love from you guys during some rough times. Not only do I want to apologize to my friends and fellow bloggers but also to my author friends, publishers and platforms for being so behind on book reviews! *hides*

Speaking about my friends in the book industry, not only do I apologize but want to explain a concern I am having that is also putting a damper on reviewing books and this brings me to an explanation and my question…

I have a Kindle Fire and had all my books in my cloud and the Send to Kindle section but my 5 year old son grabbed my tablet and said he wanted to take a picture with it… Well I grabbed it right back and I noticed my Kindle books disappeared inthe main library and then went to the cloud and they were gone too! I mean, hallelujah freaking monkey balls, I was freaking out! About 5,000 books in my regular Kindle library which I am not going to lie that most of them were free ones I got over the years but didn’t change my love for them!!❤ but my review/mobi file books from NetGalley, authors,and publishers were GONE! Okay so they weren’t totally gone, I went into the Amazon app and found them under Device Content but here’s the problem, I wanted all my books back to their proper place but once I started checking books off to get them back where they should be but when I selected a page worth they would all get sent to download and I didn’t have enough space for just 50 or so booksand wouldn’t let me archive the books so that they were there just not downloaded. Also it doesn’t just show the whole name of book or which I ne came from the cloud so it’s been impossible to find a way to get all of them back in the library where they belong! Do any of you good folks have any advice on how to deal with this? I contacted Amazon Support for Fire and was no help at all! So any tips or help would be so much appreciated so I can go through and get these reviews popping and back to where they belong!

With all of my ramblings and explanations of why I am a hot mess! I just wanted you guys know that Dani is still here, sorry for not supporting your amazing blogs like I wish I could have, and sorry for the rambling but you guys know me, I ramble and I really wanted to explain why things have been a hot mess, how I am just trying to get by, and really do miss the blogosohere and hope to be back consistently soon!❤💛 You are all beautiful people, I love you & you rock!!!




26 Comments on “Sorry For My Absence, A Question & An Update

  1. What an awful time for you, Dani. My wife has had unstable T2 Diabetes this year following a change of medication, so I can understand that. I had my first C-19 vaccine yesterday, now hoping it gives me some protection.
    I will ask your question on my blog, with a link to this post in case anyone knows what to do. I am hopeless at Tech stuff, so of no practical help. You will see the pingback come up, so will know it is posted.
    Best wishes to you as always, and my hope for better times ahead.
    Pete. xx

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  3. You do you Dani, dont let life get you down. We are all, globally going through a shitty time. Some worse than others. Return when you can, but dont feel pressured to be on here constantly. Life comes first.

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  4. There is no need to apologize. You have been going through way more than any of us, me included, can even begin to understand. My thoughts are with you!❤️

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    • Thanks so much for your support and understanding, Tessa!💜 I try to think about how there is always worse situations out there but I must admit my spirit has been pretty broken with all that this pandemic has brought. I appreciate your kind words, they mean the world to me.🌺

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  5. Book ’em! Don’t worry about us just concentrate on you and yours, that’s more important than anything. I haven’t a clue about kindle so hopefully someone else will come to your rescue on it. Send in you much love and hopes for better days ahead. 😘😘😘

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  6. So sorry to read this. I can synpathise having lost a load of folders off a portable hard drive a few years ago when an idiot I knew said he knew how to format it and lost the lot!

    This is what I suggest you do as a solution, although it’ll take a while to do:

    If you haven’t signed up to a gmail, sign up and use Google Drive. You can get a certain amount on free storage on the Cloud, but if you pay less than £2 a month you can get 100 GB which is a lot! Saving precious files and folders on the Google Cloud is cheap and safe. If you get Chrome as your browser you will have free extensions and apps where you can read your books and you can open them up and rename them using Google.

    Have you got a laptop or netbook? You could open these files from Amazon bit by bit and then download them onto the Google Drive ( Cloud ) where you can then open them and rename them.

    If I understood you correctly, your books are stored on your Kindle device but not Amazon Cloud?

    Is your device a Kindle Fire reader or a tablet? Tablets run on Android which is linked and you can access the free apps and extensions in Google play and the drive.

    I hope that I’ve been of some help. I have an old Kindle reader ( grey screen one ) that I barely used. I went to charge its battery and it seems to have died now. I have to admit I’m not a fan of e readers that much. I prefer physical books. I have a lot of vintage books. The earliest dating from 1820. Most I have are from the 1920s-50s.

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    • I’m so sorry you had to deal with a similar struggle like this and appreciate you taking your time to help! I do have Google Drive and Cloud and mostly understand how that works. My books disappeared from the library and kindle cloud and can only be found in the settings area and unable to download but a certain amount because of space and I can’t see the full title names and have to try and locate my review copies throughout 5k books! It’s a mess but I will definitely remember your advice and use it where I can. I really appreciate you taking your time out to explain all this to me! Thank you so much!


  7. Don’t you dare apologize Dear Dani! This past year has been Hell for so many. We all just need to do what we can to hang on. I do hope things start improving for you and yours. You seriously deserve a break. As far as the Kindle Fire issue, I know Pete sent you some of the responses he got, but if you’re still having issues I’ll reblog your post as well. Hang in there!❤️

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    • You know how I am, Book Sister! I feel I have to apologize about everything and worry so much about everyone & everything else. I hate that so many are going through such difficult times. Your response really touched my heart and gave me some strength I needed today.❤ Thank you for being a great friend and person! I hope you and Tom are hanging in there. Things have been falling apart in the World and especially in our country recently. Smh. It’s horrible. I am so thankful for Pete’s post to help me. It’s been quite the troubling issue. Hopefully it will get all sorted soon! I have no idea how they disappeared so quickly! Just wild but anyways sending you hugs & love, Book Diva!❤🌺 You rock!💙

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