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As a Book Blogger and Professional Reader it’s tradition to have a rating system. I am pretty late in the game for posting mine so that that it can be referred to, but ‘better later than never’. When reviewing ARCs and author requests I do everything in my power to finish the book even if it’s not the book for me. I am a very positive person but I am also very honest. I will not insult an author or publisher if I dislike a book or degrade it any fashion, that’s just not me. I will always speak my opinions in a respectable manner unless I am disrespected first. ‘You treat others the way you want to be treated.’ I love reviewing books honestly and if anyone has any questions regarding my ratings feel free to contact me. I do not take requests from individuals who strictly want me to write a good review and not an honest one if it’s not my cup of tea. If you want me to review your book I will be respectful but I will always be honest. Thanks for reading my ratings and standards. Now that all that is out of the way I will move on to what my ratings mean to me! Regardless of my ratings, I am always thankful for an opportunity!😊


☆☆☆☆☆~ I LOVED this book and this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s flawless!

☆☆☆☆1\2~ Not quite a 5 star read but pretty close. It’s like you want to say you absolutely adore it but there is something that keeps coming back to your mind that your not sure about.

☆☆☆☆~ I really enjoyed this book but there was a few things that didn’t tickle my fancy.

☆☆☆1/2~ I liked this book but there was things that were not for me but there was more good then bad.

☆☆☆~ I liked this book but there was also parts that I didn’t like. I wouldn’t read it again most likely but I liked it overall.

☆☆1/2~ A step up from being Meh. Still wouldn’t read it again but it was alright.

☆☆~ This book was Meh/ Okay. There were some good aspects in this book but mostly it just wasn’t the book for me.

☆1\2~ A little bit above total dislike.

☆~ I disliked this book in every way and I could not really find a redeeming quality for me.

1/2 of a ☆~ One of the worst books for me. I hope the best for the book but it’s for sure not for this girl!

DNF~ I very rarely DNF books but it can happen. I try my best to read all ARCs all the way through to give respect to the author and publishers but this book either triggered me or I couldn’t manage sticking it through after multiple attempts.

Thanks again for taking out your time to check out my blog! Have a lovely day my friends and Happy Reading!📚💖😄

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