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*🎂Awesome Bookish Cakes💖📚*

Good morning fellow book nerdigans! I wanted to share with you these fantastic book inspired CAKES! These make me hungry but also fall in love! A book lovers dream wedding cake or birthday cake! I hope you enjoy and have a fantatic day! Happy… Continue Reading “*🎂Awesome Bookish Cakes💖📚*”

*~💖Badass Bookish Tattoos📚~*

I am so crazy over these tattoos! If I had the money I would have a sleeve of tats like these. All of them are calling my name! I’m just peanut butter and jealous of these fantastic tattoos! Great artwork and hope ya’ll enjoy… Continue Reading “*~💖Badass Bookish Tattoos📚~*”

*Some Book Humor*

I have always loved Belle and Gaston. I totally feel the same way about this image, it makes me cringe but laugh all the same. You guys are the bees knees.

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