TGIF Randomness

Hey loves! I hope everyone has a great weekend full of love, kinky sex, fun and Books!!! Love your faces! I have been hopping around the blogosphere but not as much as I want to (especially with my scary dose of back dated reviews๐Ÿ˜จ), I have been going through the grieving process but it will... Continue Reading →

Without Net, Sorry!

Hey there guys! My internet is very sketchy right now. I have to use my neighbor friends when they aren't using it so haven't been able to get on as of late.😫 Hopefully, my situation gets better and I can put the internet back on because I miss you guys. I hope you guys are... Continue Reading →

Happy Kind Of Bloggy Birthday To Me! Yay!

So this number is what popped in my notifications at 11pm?! Like what??? You wait until the last minutes of the dag to congratulate me. Well shit on that. Well to be honest, it took me some time after registration to even post a post of sorts due to technical problems *sighs* but I got... Continue Reading →

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