First blog post and Happy National Book Lover’s Day fellow bookworms


Friends, loved ones, random Google users and the occasional stalker(s), I wanted to say Happy National Book Lover’s Day! *Raises Hand* My name is Danielle and I’m a bookaholic. I like to obsess over books, molest them, smell them and spend ALL my money on them. I expect some comments with the usual “HI, Danielle thanks for sharing”…BUT the awesome thing is you can’t get addicted to books unless you got it bad and hijack your significant other’s Amazon account to get the latest best sellers. I plead the fifth on ever doing this. 🙂

I am random as Hell and very open-minded. I read all genres of books. I’m ALWAYS open to suggestions of any kind and meeting new people. I look forward to new suggestions on books and will be reviewing books soon once I figure out some technical difficulties.

I am reading Dangerous Minds by Janet Evanovich. I enjoy books from all genres; the hilarious, I just wet my pants (thanks motherhood) books, to the sometimes corny, I love you so much I want to kiss your face romance books, to books about the passionate lovers that “hump the bo-bo,” or as my grandma would put it, “cutting the mustard,” to “Oh Shit!” “WTF” completely enthralling thrillers.

Dangerous Minds by Janet Evanovich so far is “laughing my ass off” freaking funny. It has the same “crap on a cracker” kind of humor as was in the predecessor Curious Minds. I will be updating my blog soon but for now fellow bibliophiles, curl up and enjoy a late night book for National Book Lover’s Day! Until next time and keep those noses in some kind of literature, whatever tickles your pickle or chokes your chicken…Better late then never!


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