Cold Case Witness by Sarah Varland

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I loved this book! I’m a christian but a very open minded one! This book was very fulfilling and warmed my heart. I loved how the main characters realized that our past doesnt have to define who we are. I really enjoyed this book and reccomend it especially if you want the suspense without all the gore and such.

8 thoughts on “Cold Case Witness by Sarah Varland

  1. Hmm. I don’t think I’ve red anything by her. I’ll have to give her a try.😊


    • Don’t you hate that shit! On Valentine’s day, my phone was telling everyone happy vag day!

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        • I’m going to put some more reviews up tomorrow. But my kids ran me ragged and drove me crazy. Man do i love those turds. I hope you have a good night. So glad to meet you!!!! Hugs!
          #yourethebest #youmademyday # bookslutfistbump #untilnexttime

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