As Promised to WordPress

I deleted my previous post because they fixed the problem I believe. I got some horrible responses and ugh messages from them before it was cleared up. Saying I was a spammer and that I shouldn’t use the follow button as a promotional item! When all I did in the end was unfollow some non active users. Thanks so much to everyone who was supportive. You guys are the BEST!!! I love my followers!!!

74 Comments on “As Promised to WordPress

    • It was so stressful Michel! I felt like pulling my hair out but I am more concerned with you! I hope you will be okay!😭Me and Kim just talked about you on one of her newest post and she wanted to send you virtual hugs as well because I told her you were sick!😗🤗

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      • Awww, really….you both warm my heart, that is so sweet of you both. Thanks so much 😊 I really hope to make a full recovery soon. I just woke up now, and am actually feeling a bit more like my old self again, so on sunday I hope to spent most of my day going through posts, abd hopefully write sometime myself again as well. Thanks so much for your concern, you are really and truly amazing 😊😊

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  1. Thank God the problem got resolved. These things happen. I was getting some spam threats a few days ago calling me racist, sexist and stuff. Glad everything is fine now 😀😀

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  2. Well done with getting through all that, Dani. It’s enough to make me chew the end of my desk!
    As for support, it’s simple. You are a great blogger, and we all love you! 🙂 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  3. Glad it appears to be all good now. However, what gives them the right question what you do or don’t do with your site?!? I’d have been righteously pissed, and they’d have known it. 😠

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  4. Follow as a promotional item? Ok, still makes no sense to me. They should move over to Twitter and clean out all those accounts that follow only to unfollow the next day if they’re bored. LOL

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  5. While you are unfollowing people on Wp I am going to follow you for being awesome. I also wrote a post just now about unfollowing and I will send it to everyone who made a big deal when I unfollowed them, it’s just so stupid to get angry about something like an unfollow😂

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