Rant:WordPress keeps Putting Me in Spam Jail

So because I love to show everyone love on their page and comment and like everyone back…. I am considered a spammer again!😬😬😬 I guess I am too enthusiastic for WordPress.😭 Some of my friends have found me in their spam folders today and was just letting you know that I may be sitting there because a lot of comments have disappeared.

I try to like and comment everyone back. I always try to show my love to everyone but my ass can’t stay out of WordPress jail and it’s honestly making me crazy!😤😤😤 I guess WordPress wants me to calm down on comments and likes so if it takes me longer to get back to you, please know I still love the shit out of all of you but WordPress is out to get me! *puts tinfoil hat on* Anyways I may take it slow for a little while because even though I pay for my account I keep getting marked as spam and blocked with stuff and Lord knows I don’t want to talk to their “Happiness Engineers” aka Customer Service Asshats again. Hell, this will probably put me in WordPress jail but this is really getting old WordPress. Isn’t the whole point of me having a blog to communicate and supposedly having a personal account helps me get more assistance. I spent so much time today showing love to my followers for a lot of my comments to end up in spam and for me not able to comment back…

Well I call Bullshit and I really love WordPress because of the community so am thankful but double damn… I write comments and posts just to get deleted and blocked. So why the flying fudge should I try?!!? Rant over. Over and Out…

26 Comments on “Rant:WordPress keeps Putting Me in Spam Jail

  1. Goodness Girl! I was already wondering where you went off to but this explains a LOT.
    It’s awful that WordPress is doing this. I didn’t even know there IS a freaking jail on here.
    And if there is, I have some spam that keeps turning up, like REAL spam. Why don’t they fix THAT instead of getting on your case for having a humongous amount of love to share?

    I hope they figure it out and solve the whole thing, love! You don’t deserve this!

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    • I have been showing you love I swear Beautiful! They keep saying I’m spam and they said if I did something again they qould block me permanetley. It was a complete mess and have previous posts about it. I missed your face! I thought I said something wrong. Lol. Anyways. I’m on pain meds from getting hurt earlier so a little loopy but I am actually going on a hiatus for a little bit and put a post about it but when I get back I will have to show lots of love!💝💝💝

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      • Haha, it’s all good!

        Jesus. I never thought there’d be any kind of stuff like that on WordPress, to be honest. Twitter, sure! But WordPress?! Don’t they have better stuff to do..

        Of course you didn’t! I’ve just been MIA a bit; haven’t had the chance to bloghop as much as I usually do, haha. Apparently people noticed that I went missing for a bit, oops.

        If you need a hiatus, that’s exactly what you should do! Your health comes first, hon. That’s most important! Enjoy feeling loopy, haha. Hope you feel better soon! And don’t stress out to much – not even about going on a hiatus! Just relax and focus on yourself for a bit. ❤

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  2. I just checked my spamfilter, and you are not in it. But a few other people were. It’s just something that seems to be a very common problem. It has happened to me three times as well. The strange thing is that it usually lasts a day, and then everything returns to normal again. It is very annoying though, that is for sure. Hopefully it will get sorted out, but in this case I don’t think it’s personal. As I said I just found two comments from someone who comments on my blog regularly as well, so is just some kind of weird bug that keeps popping up from time to time.
    Take care….and as I said : it really is very annoying, that is for sure 😢

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    • Thanks Michel, I just had a really rough time in the morning and last night. I had to go to the hospital so I’m going to unplug for a bit myself. I posted about it on my blog but if you need anything at all write me on Twitter and I will write you as soon as I can
      Feel better soon and I will miss talking to your awesome self!😍😘🤗

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      • Well I just read it, and gave a big comment on it haha 😂😂 But that goes the same for you. I have to work tomorrow, but if you are in need for a talk, sent a message to me on Twitter. I will always respond back. No worries about that 😊 Take care, and I will really miss you too 😊😍


  3. Grrrr 🔥😡 🔥 that’s no fair
    I wish I could break you out of there my girl. You don’t deserve to be locked up!! 🚫🔒🚫 I’ve had that happen to me too but not for a while. I hope gets all fixed up for you soon. I have started checking my spam once a week because I’ve seen other people get trapped in there too. I hope you have some rest and you feel better soon too. Take care! 🤗🤗⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🤗🤗


  4. Really stinks that they’re throwing you into jail nowadays! Justice has been compromised!!! Hope everything will be rectified soon enough. Otherwise… It seems like they want you to change your ways! Hahah


  5. Again? WTF! See, now I’m swearing again!🤬 I don’t understand how liking and commenting on other bloggers posts would flag you as spam. Grrr.🤬 Listen, you just take a break and be a couch potato over the next few days. I’m prescribing soft pjs, a comfy blanket and pillow, some comfort food and lots of hugs from your family. Oh! And a certain book about killer mermaids!😏🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♂️


  6. Hey, Beautiful Dani. I think they may be flagging you because on your first comments to a page there is poll link at the top of your comments and when the link is clicked on it is an error. Most of my spam comments always have that crazy poll link in them. You might want to double check why or ask the Guru’s at WordPress why that is showing up. I think if you get rid of that link you should be golden. Smooches, Sweetie! 🙂


  7. WHATT WHATT :O Noo no they can’t do this T_T Youre not on any of my spammer and I WELCOME YOUR SPAM AND LOVESS ALWAYSS ❤ It sucks that they do this to good people lie you ❤ Your enthusiasm is everything to me !!

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    • Awww thanks so much sweetheart!!!💖💖💖 I absolutely adore your enthusiasm! They have been giving me hell the last 3 days its been bad love!!! I wrote it all put kind of Kim’s post to someone! It was just a huge and massive mess that took forever!😓


  8. I’m late to this, but I feel your pain. Because I like to thank new followers, if I write the same comment on 3/4 blogs in a morning, WP suddenly decides I am a spammer, and sends me to exile. It takes days to sort out, and happens around 3 times a year at least. GRRRrrrrrrr!!!
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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