Apologizing and Some Info That Might Be Useful! Also Info About What Happened With My Suspension

Hello my amazing followers!😊 I hope everyone has been having a great week! I wanted to give an update saying I’m sorry I haven’t been writing and liking everyone’s posts as usual. Unfortunately, I have had some major health concerns arise so have been bed ridden!😢 I will try to show my love here and there as much as possible but am still not fully functioning yet! I still love all you guys and anyone who takes out their time to comment or like, I will get around to showing you the same love but if you don’t hear back from me at the usual speed now you know why! I have been over the moon with everyone’s positive feedback, prayers/vibes/ thoughts, compliments on my new layout and encouraging comments! You guys are the best! With having little support and the inability to get out and spread my wings, you guys have been my life saviors. I was in a very dark place before getting involved in the blogosphere and now I have over 600 followers and growing. YAY! Of course, in the beginning I had no faith in my ability to blog and just thought I just sucked until I met Kim @ By Hook or By Book and then I spread my wings! Thank you guys again for all your support and there’s so many of you to recognize that it would take all day to list you all! Now I am rambling on again, but the point is I’m sorry if I don’t respond right away and wanted you all to know that I really appreciate you!😊

Now here’s where I give you some info and explain some things. I know some of my friends in the blogging community have noticed my bulk of reviews at a time and think that I am a speed demon reader. This is not the case my loves, I am behind on reviews!😰😰 Also when you see a blitz and giveaway post, that is merely me showing off new books that a company has sent me and they offer these free giveaways that are 100% legit because I have won a couple myself. You can sometimes win vacations, gift cards, free books or other cool items all depending on the giveaway! I love sharing these and usually it’s shared once a day because of giving people the opportunity to read about it if they want and/or sign up for free stuff. You can easily enter the giveaway just because you follow me or comment on the post!

Unfortunately, I have been having some horrible problems with WordPress because of sharing these posts and doing blog tour reviews! I was suspended because of this and went through a nightmare! I was completely disrespected and told I had to self host which meant over 100$ and I lost all my followers unless I paid another 100$ give or take! After I paid 100$ to self host because at the time I was told I would keep all my stuff and didn’t tell me they would charge for that too, WordPress sends me an apology activating my blog again after I already paid. So then I had to go and ask for a refund that will take a week atleast because I still haven’t gotten it! Even though I was lucky enough to get my blog back after continuously writing with them and pleading, I have some followers who were not as lucky and screwed over for this. I reviewed their TOS that they said I violated and didn’t see anything wrong?! They feel that sharing giveaways, info about new books and reviews for blog tours is spam! Now I am conflicted if I should even share giveaways or do blog tours anymore!?? Does anyone have any thoughts?

I know many people have shared that they get overwhelmed with all the emails they receive from their followers and I hope that one of my shares didn’t cause anyone to report me as spam. So this is where I give some useful information, hopefully. In the beginning I didn’t know this but you can control what emails get sent to your account by your followers. I don’t get any emails besides my faithful blogger friends who comment on all my posts. Most of the time I just wait and get all my notifications of responses of comments, likes and other stuff when I get online and look at my notifications. Then I go and comment or like back. If I want to check out my other followers I simply go through the readers newsfeed. Doing this prevents my email account from being overwhelmed and going insane with all the time consuming of notification emails sent. I barely get any emails from WordPress and it’s less stressful than when I started out. You can change all these settings in your settings on your dashboard for notifications! If someone’s posts are too overwhelming and I’m sorry if mine are than you can simply unfollow. I explained all this because of seeing people get overwhelmed with this and being called spam by WordPress 3 times last week alone. I dealt with crazy things and rude customer service even though I was a paying customer.

I know this posts has quite a few different things but I wanted to cover a few things in one! I’m using my kindle and it’s a little weird so I apologize about any grammatical errors!

Overall, I really just want to thank you all for being my support system. You really have made a difference in my life and I couldn’t make it without you guys. You all are amazing! Lots of love and virtual hugs to everyone!😊 -Dani 💝 Xoxox

97 thoughts on “Apologizing and Some Info That Might Be Useful! Also Info About What Happened With My Suspension

  1. That’s horrible that you had go go through that. You should be able to reblog whatever you want, it’s your blog. I’m sorry to hear about what happened but I’m happy your back.

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  2. I’m so sorry about what happened!!!! I’m praying for you! You’re one of my favorite blogs and you’re so amazing and sweet! I’m sorry you went through such horrible things and I’m here if you need any help with anything!!! Just let me know ❤ 🙂

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  3. Well done for sticking with all that, and fighting your corner. I hope that you get that money back soon, Dani.
    I hope all that stress didn’t make you feel worse, and that you will soon be on the mend.
    Take care.
    Best wishes as always, Pete. xx

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    • Thanks so much for your support my friend!😁 You always brighten my day Pete! To be honest, the stress and hours I went through hell with WordPress made my health worse because my seizures and convulsions worsen with stress. It’s been a really hard week for me. I ended up messing up my back, foot, shoulder and head because of two bad seizures. I’m bruised up and have some other breaks and such. But I will make it. I am a tough cookie! I hope you have a great week Pete! Xoxo

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  4. Sorry to hear about your illness, get well soon. I usually get in touch with followed bloggers and my followers through my reader feed. I don’t check my emails coming from my followers, you can always see them on your notifications.

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  5. Dani I hope only the best for your recovery I hope that all stays well with your blog I might have missed it but why are you flat on your back if you don’t mind me asking? my prayers go out to you

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    • Thanks so much for your kind words and support my friend! I had two horrible seizures that and now I am getting over a concussion, busted up foot, face, and shoulder. I am in remission from liver cancer and have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, narcolepsy, epilepsy and my inflammation and other blood levels is showing I have the inflammation and pain of an 80 year old with osteoporosis. Its a lot of other stuff but pretty much I am battling a lot of health concerns and got injured bad this last week.


  6. by the way Dani do you review a authors book for anyone or do you do this for a certain company? reason I ask is I’m a newbie writer I will have a e-book ready to view by April would I be able to interest you in reading and giving me your honest opinion ? Please let me know if your interested?

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    • Yes I do author requests for books and it’s just me as my company, Touch My Spine Book Reviews. My schedule is booked for a couple of months but I am able to do honest reviews then. You can contact me through my email account that is listed on my homepage of my blog. It has a link right to it at the very top. Good luck on your new book and you can write me if interested or what not.


  7. MY DARLING BLOGGER BABE 💕❤️ You should not be apologizing omg what youre doing for the authors and us readers mean a lot !! 😍❤️ You always brighten my day with your posts and comments 💕 Dont forget that ! I hope you rest well and recover soon my love !!

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  8. Okay: I don’t think this response is going to come as a real surprise here, but….Seriously Dani, there really is nothing to apologise for! 😊 I love your posts, I love your comments….even if they would number in the 1000’s I would still love them 😂 (Okay, I might not be able to read them all anymore, but that’s my problem lol). Seriously though, there really is absolutely nothing, nothing to worry about. There’s no way that I am going to change my settings, because I love hearing from you.
    And really: be confident in yourself. I just know that I speak for pretty much all of your followers that you spread light, happyness and a lot of good feelings with each and every one of your comments. Never stop doing it, because it’s what makes you so unique and such an incredibly bright and lovely soul.
    I’m really sorry to hear that you are still not feeling better. Please focus on getting better soon: your blog and your followers will wait for you: and remember you are worth the wait! Please take good care of yourself, and be well soon 😊😉

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  9. I’ve only just found your blog after Raistlin made the community aware of your suspension but once your blog was back I’ve really enjoyed reading through some of your past posts. It really sucks you got suspended and I really hope this never happens again.
    I’m looking forward to future content and wishing you and the blog the best.


  10. No need to apologise, Dani. Well done you for carrying on such a successful battle with WordPress, especially when your health wasn’t great. I hope you don’t have any more WP problems and I hope you feel better soon.

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  11. Well, I’m glad that it all got sorted out in the end, and I hope that your bed rest is putting you on the fast-track to a full recovery!
    Thanks for sharing the tips on notifications. That’s the setup I already have. I can only imagine how annoying it might be to get email notifications for everything that happens on wordpress. Once you have it setup right, though, it really isn’t very intrusive. Hopefully other people will read this and be helped!

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    • Thanks so much Chauncey! I was actually thinking about you last night because I started ro read your book!😁 I am definitely glad that it all worked out in the end. It was a complete nightmare. I think it is best to not get all nirificatjons via email for WordPress but have heard aome people mention it and I know when I started out that I didn’t know thus so had 100s of emails a day!🤤 Now things are much easier! Thanks so much for your kind words and support! I hope I can get through all this as well! I’m already very intrigued with your book but I’m scared I’m going to be scared!😱😱😱


  12. Big hugs again to you Dani. I’m just glad this nightmare is almost over for you so you can focus on feeling better.
    What I also do to help control the number of emails is to put some blogs I follow on “receive daily”. So i would just get one email from you every day with all your posts. If I want to check out your site at anytime I can… and I do, cuz it’s awesome! 🙂

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  13. Oh pumpkin, I’m so sorry you had to go through this crap and the stress has affected your health. At least it’s sorted now so you can carry on being awesome. I don’t know how much it’s medically possible for you to get better but I really genuinely hope that something happens to improve your situation. I’m so glad you’ve found the blogging community and you’re able to draw strength from everyone. Big hugs my lovely xxx

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