Book Review: Searching for Billy Shakespeare

Title: Searching for Billy Shakespeare

Author: Christa McHugh

Rating: 2 out of 5 Disappointed Stars!

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Intensely introverted and socially awkward grad student Kate Mireau has loved only one man since she was a little girl.

William Shakespeare.

Unfortunately, he died over four hundred years ago.

Since no modern-day man will ever compete with the Bard’s wit and wisdom, Kate is destined for dissatisfaction in matters of the heart. Besides, any attempt she makes to step out of her comforting world of books usually ends in humiliating disaster. But when she agrees to help her new roommate’s brother prepare for an upcoming audition, she meets a man who makes her pulse race almost as fast as Shakespeare’s insults. ‘Tis said the course of true love never did run smooth, and Kate discovers that Gabe is not an aspiring classical actor—he’s one of Hollywood’s sexiest leading men.

Experience has taught Kate that she’ll just end up embarrassing them both. Will she retreat to her safe world of beloved plays and poetry, consoling herself with the notion that he is a star out of her reach? Or if all the world’s a stage, then maybe Gabe is her chance to find there’s more to life than just words, words, words.

Searching for Billy Shakespeare was unfortunately not the book for me.😭 I was so excited when I was approved on NetGalley but sometimes things just aren’t what we expect. When I first dove into this story I was super excited and it felt fast paced! We have a bookish girl that falls in love with someone who is a Hollywood movie star.

We expect some bibliophile love and exciting romance that is swoony, swoon, swoon worthy!

Unfortunately in my opinion because I have to be honest, the blurb for this book and the beginning was completely misleading.

I do give the author kudos for how well written this book was and how she added a LGBT+ couple in the mix. I also loved Livvy who was mostly just in the beginning of the story which bothered me. Such a great character and her dialogue is minimal. I also liked the Shakespearean quotes and liked how I reminisced to the days I read Shakespeare.

Unfortunately, we have to go more into the parts I didn’t like. The biggest issue I had was with the main character and of course that’s a pretty big issue. I really disliked how the main character Kate was so close minded about simple things. Yes, she had lesbian best friends but that’s where her openess ended in an annoying way. Kate was a grad student and she would freak out about the silliest stuff because it wouldn’t look “good” for being a professor. I can’t go into much detail but she really thinks blonde and red highlights are way too wild. Eh?! She expresses her distaste for any makeup besides the “natural” look. She makes a big scene about dressing up and nice for her super hot and too kind new boyfriend, Gabe.

There was absolutely no real twist in this story besides finding out her quickly made dude is actually a star but it feels so rushed!

I also did not like how I thought this book would be more bookish but instead the main character was bothered by doing her William Shakespeare work rather than “obsessed”. I didn’t feel the bookish nerd girl vibes with this one. I do think there will be a large audience for this book and it will do well. The author has well structured writings. I am interested in her other works even though this one wasn’t enjoyable. I really wanted to love this story and I always despise writing negative reviews because I am a hippie and am always like love each other and…

So these reviews always break my heart a little but honesty is the best policy my friends.😊 I hope everyone is having a great start to their New Year!😘 Sorry I haven’t been as active. I had some family emergency health concerns come up but here’s to more of this badass mama-jama! You know the drill plenty of Dani-Spam and back to back notifications!😍 Just bear with me folks!😊 Much love to you all!

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    • Thanks so much Kim!😊 This one posted before I had a chance to edit! Drats! You have been in my thoughts and prayers Ma!😍 I hope you had a great holiday and got some rest that you definitely deserve! I’m trying to get back into my blogging groove. The main character came off as sweet but she just was stuck up in some ways and way too picky. I just LOVED the beginning and then was like…. Really???? Shoot! I have to write a negative review and hate that but I tried out new sparklies so that was fun! 🙌🙌🙌💖💖📚📚

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  1. Hmm, I’m sorry to hear that the read was not very good. It’s been a while since I last saw a two star review from you. But still: your review itself was absolutely brilliant : I loved the gifs, and that picture at the end: so cool ! 😮😮
    Also sorry to hear about the family emergency health issues. I hope everything is okay now. And of course we are hearing with you. How could we not, you are simply put one hell of an amazing girl. Looking forward to all that spam again, and in closing: take good care of yourself 😊😘

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  2. Sorry this one didn’t work for you Dani! I’ve only read one of Crista’s books and actually liked it but have had others recommend her work so it’s a shame you didn’t like it.

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