I’m sorry that you guys have seen less of me recently and I haven’t been showing my usual love on your pages. I have had an immediate family member’s health get really bad really quickly and I had to help take care of them and with the holidays it was a mess but things seem to be a little better at the moment! I am so behind on reviews and even missed a promised blog tour date! *slaps forehead* Epic fail but the publishers were understanding. Now I got things more organized and have some badass planner and reading log as a gift from Christmas! So sweet and no more oopsy moments! So you guys will be hearing more from my crazy ass in the near future!😘🤗

I hope everyone had a great holiday and know I love ya! Hope your weekend is as badass as you are!😘 Happy Reading my friends!

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82 Comments on “☆~Appologies~☆

  1. It’s very sweet of you to apologise, but you also know that it really isn’t necessary. I know you have had a very rough time, but real life simply put, always comes first. I just hope everything is now going okay and if isn’t please take care of everything first. Sure, we miss you here, I think I speak for pretty much everyone here by saying that, but your health and that of your family members always comes first. Please take good care of yourself, and you know this already but if there is anything I can do or you want to talk: I’m here for you 😘❤️

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  2. Hope everything in your family even get better. 🙂 And good to have you back.. my holidays was as usual busy and messy but it was okay… I guess 2017 wasn’t really for me but my hope is big for 2018.. Hope you are too. *hugs*

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  3. It’s okay to have down days and tough times. Expecting life to be wonderful all the time is wanting to swim in an ocean in which waves only rise up and never come crashing down.

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  4. Hoping everything returns to the positive in 2018 for you and your family. I am also mobility restricted. I understand the strength we show in different ways and the determination of fighting everyday of our lives to do things taken for granted by others, We rise above our disabilities and carry on in interesting, unique ways. I am always available for talks and uplifting another’s spirit. You’ve probably already seen on my blog the information, support, and encouragement I send out to fellow bloggers on issues of auto-immune diseases and mental health conditions that affect the entire family. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

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      • RA and SLE Lupus, 28 years. Families don’t always understand these conditions. It makes it hard to be called lazy and not trying by those we love. Everyday a new experience, but I’ve learned, as I’m sure you have too, when to push and when to back off. Doctors can be clueless as well sometimes. I talk to many young women who are so confused, especially overseas. I am using holistic energy treatments now with a trusted friend. Steroids were literally killing me. Not yet … not yet … I have books to write and other authors to edit for and mentor. There are hurting people I still need to reach out and touch through my words. You and I are blessed that we can make a difference from the sanctity of our homes. I admire your determination and the wonderful work you are doing. It’s a tough industry for authors in our current, overcrowded market.

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        • Thanks so much that means so much to me!😍💝💝 You are absolutely right! So many people don’t realize the pain and suffering we go through. You’re right that we are lucky we can still make a difference at home. My doctor does natural remedies along with medication but I still have to battle with steroids and chemotherapy pills to kill the inflammation some it’s so bad. My inflammation factors of an 80 year old with osteoporosis but looking at me being 29 people don’t understand. It’s really hard having an autoimmune disorder. I battled cancer and still battled discrimination. It just sucks. Sorry you have to go through so much!!!😢😢 *gentle hugs*

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          • It always saddens me to hear what young, vital women to through (90% women for many auto-immune diseases), and inflammation with augmented cellular structure breeds Cancer like weeds. I take a small injection of chemo every week. I have for over ten years. Steroids … the bane of my existsnce. I try so hard to stay off them, but if you have a severe attack, it’s still the only thing to save your life. The side effects are hell. The side effects can end your life as well, but what else can you do? So much research still clean explain. I’m glad your doctor seeks other alternatives rather than just the traditional. Good doctor.

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  5. Don’t worry about all those blogging shenanigans, Dani! A family member who needs attention is far more important than all these sources of entertainment. 😉 Hope your return to blogging will be peaceful, fun and not-at-all-stressful!!!!! Take care! ❤


  6. So sorry to hear about your family member’s health. I hope they’re getting much better. ❤
    I hope things improve and that you're having a great start now to the new year. 🙂

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