Being Kind Is A Gift

I was battling with my depression even more lately and today I pulled up WordPress and this really helped with today’s depression. I have been through countless life experiences of abuse, torture and just being backstabbed but haven’t lost my ability of loving and forgiving others even if they’re not sorry. I guess reading Alice’s post just really hit home today and gave me some hope about learning to love myself for once. Alice posts some great motivational articles, you guys should check her page out if you get a chance! Much love to you all! xoxoxo

Alice Wake Up

In 2017, I grew really much as a person and today I’m gonna share something. 2018 is just started and is a perfect opportunity for some changes. What doesn’t kill you makes you kind and stronger, literally.Last year I did more things on my own and it really made me feel stronger and more capable.


I can’t tell you this enough but all that I have experienced that the strongest person I know, whose heart has been damaged, disappointed and tossed away for granted. A warrior in their own special way. That person is probably anyone. I have come a long way to realize, no matter what your heart has been through, Someday you will find happiness.We can’t imagine our self-being mean to someone else’s heart. Regardless, people say after you get your heart broken, you change and you turn into a cold-hearted person. But I disagree, We didn’t change, We…

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22 Comments on “Being Kind Is A Gift

  1. I had read this list earlier this week, it appeared in the reader twice for some reason and the first person I thought of when I read this was you.
    I’m glad you already said it yourself in your opening, because it’s so true: you really should love yourself more. Lord knows, I have to work on it myself at times, but really Dani, you are all about spreading the love to others, which I think is amazing. After everything that you went through, to still be able to do that is a rare, very rare and amazing gift. You should really be proud of 😊 And that’s exactly one of the main reason why I think you should love yourself more 😘😘 That: and ofcourse you are incredibly amazing, but I guess I have told you that over a 1000 times now lol 😂😂😘😘 Take care, sweet Dani 😍😘❤️

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