Book Review: Hunt for the Troll by Mark Richardson


Title: Hunt for the Troll

Author: Mark Richardson


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Synopsis: It all starts when a twenty-something software programming genius is visited while he sleeps by a mysterious figure referred to as the Troll. “We’re going to change the world,” the Troll tells the narrator. Soon we’re introduced to an assortment of off-beat characters: a red-haired, one-eared, female temptress; a pot-smoking tech reporter; a computer-generated Halfling; and a few venture capitalists who are all interested in finding the Troll. Mostly taking place in San Francisco, Hunt for the Troll is a quirky hybrid of mystery, pulp, and modern fairy tale. 


An amazing and fun read!😍 I am a complete weirdo to be honest and this book makes me laugh and feel right at home. This book had quite a few genres thrown in one but it still had such a fun and smooth plot. I LOVED the characters in this book! I couldn’t believe while reading this book how much the characters were relateable, however odd they may be. My house is filled with misfits to say the least so reading this book a couple weeks ago was something that just brightened my day, made me laugh, made me turn pages and guessing what was to come next! If you are looking for something that will make you laugh and having you turning pages suspensefully at the same time, this is a great book for you! This debut was everything I was looking for all rolled into one! I highly recommend Mark Richardson’s Hunt for the Troll and it will be an experience and adventure that I won’t soon forget!😊 I received a copy of this book from the author as a gift and no review required. All opinions expressed are my own and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to read this book!😍📚


About the author:

Mark Richardson

Author, Mark Richardson

Hunt for the Troll is Mark Richardson’s debut novel. His short fiction has appeared in numerous literary and crime journals, including Hobart, Fugue, Segue, Crime Factory, Switchback, and Prime Number Magazine. He lives in Northern California with his wife and two children.


43 Comments on “Book Review: Hunt for the Troll by Mark Richardson

  1. Ha ha!! This book sounds PERFECT for me!! The more bizzare, the better so long as it has a good story to it, and this one is mixed with FAIRY TALE ELEMENTS?! Count me in!! I’m so excited to read this, adding to my TBR list now!

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  2. I always love it when a book blends together a couple of different genres, and than manages to pull it off too. Books (and movies) that do this can be either a hit or a miss. But this one definitely sounds like a hit. As always: great review Dani. Glad you enjoyed the book 😀😀

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