Security Fails Fixed!

Hey there lovelies! I hope everyone has been doing well with all the craziness that has been going on with the world. I have been helping some of my loved ones that have been affected by the virus and getting over some loved ones that I have loss so I apologize for my absences. Another thing to apologize for is my stupidity when it came to the security of my accounts and page. I had some issues a couple of years ago with things being deleted off my page, someone accessing my social media, messaging apps, and email accounts. So I did what I thought what was supposed to be done in those situations, password changed all over and things went well after that. After things were changed, I had some hard experiences in life so focused on that but I should have paid more attention to things but I thought that because messages were viewed that I haven’t viewed and saw comments that I didn’t remember posting were there. I thought it was my mental illness getting the best of me and didn’t know what was going on. During that time a friend asked to use my Netflix account and what was my password. So since me and this person were very close, I thought nothing of it. Recently, I checked my sent emails and saw conversations with people that I talked to on the phone and there were messages that I didn’t even send that related to the conversation, then remembered what friend was around while I was on the phone and heard what was happened. The stupidity from me is that I used the same password for every account and remembered that I gave only one person a password. It was all quite stressful and feel stupid that I didn’t know what was going on and I still don’t understand why they were doing this as a friend and knew I was struggling. Some reviews and posts have been deleted by this person and they have messaged people pretending to be me in social media and on email. I don’t know all that was deleted but am sorry if any posts I made for someone else like a review or update and such. I have reset all of my passwords and made them all random and kept in a safe place, talked with techs at WP and with social media people, and made sure to remove that person out of my life. I apologize for any inconvenience. This is very embarrassing for me to admit because I care for all of your friendships. Fortunately, they didn’t access this website  much besides being nosey and deleting some things but if you’re review has disappeared after being up here, please let me know. I am also going to be checking through my NetGallley account and emails to check and see what was missing. I know a few scheduled posts were missing and I apologize for any inconvenience to any of my author friends. I miss you guys and hope to be back in my groove soon. And no worries about if it’s really me (that sounds crazy, I know) but nobody can hack in my stuff now and you guys rock! I have missed the World of Blog and I am not letting the trolls get me down anymore. You guys rock! Stay safe & I hope everyone has a fantastic day!❤😍

9 Comments on “Security Fails Fixed!

  1. Always nice to see a new post from you, but ugh I am really sorry about the circumstances though😢 I’m glad it’s at least sorted out now, and hope things are going to go better from here on out. Please take care, and I hope you and your family will be safe😘❤️

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    • Thanks so much, Michel!♥️♥️ It’s so good to see you.😍 I am doing okay and my kids are well. I am dealing with my grief the best I can and trying to stay positive through the losses of some close friends and loved ones but it’s been hard. But I believe things will get better. Thanks so much for stopping by. XOXO

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  2. I’m sorry your friend took advantage of your friendship. Glad you got things sorted out. It is so hard balancing creating secure passwords and yet making it not impossible for you yourself to get locked out because of forgetting them!

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  3. Hey.

    Hope you are doing well.

    I’m doing mental health awareness reblogs.

    If you want me to share your post on the subject, can you please suggest the one you would like me to re-blog?

    Thank you and take care 


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