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Hello there, Loves! Dani is the name and reviewing and blogging 4 books is game!📚 I am also a free-spirited woman! Some may call me a gypsy or a hippie but that is all good and gravy because I am just customarily me! I am a Tarot & Oracle Reader and have a very strong passion for it. I have a faith of my own that believes fully in my higher self but fully respect others beliefs. I have had Medium, Astroplaning, and Empath abilities my whole life but I am finally putting them to good use within recent years. I love helping people and I'm very open-minded. I also will review Oracle & Tarot Cards and books on my blog as well. If any of this bothers you, I'm sorry but it is who I am. I just ask on my page for everyone to give equal respect! I am an experienced life coach, mental health hotline specialist with my degree in Psychology. I am a complete bibliophile and have a TBR that will outlive me.🌠 I have a fierce passion for the blogosphere because I love sharing my love of reading 📚 and the incredible/amazing and badass people I have met here! I fell in love with reading due to being institutionalised as a child. I have mild dyslexia and battled some huge physical and mental wars as a young child. In the places I was "placed" there wasn't a school more like a daycare and as a child who wanted to be so much more one day, I used books to learn. I treasured every dictionary, textbook and novel I could get my hands on. By the time I was a mid teen, my self taught full bookish education gave me the ability to test above college level and gave me hope.🎸🌠 Since I have become disabled and have lost my ability to spread my social butterfly wings, I in return lost friendships due to my inability to leave home so that left my books. Books opened more doors because it opened me to all of you and now I have the best of friends that the world could offer from the comfort of home. All that mess with being disabled doesnt matter because I have my 3 amazing kids, amazing friends and acquaintances in the World of Blog, and my blog and books give me the super powers to be a badass book blogger! I love people and getting to know people! All that I ask is that anyone on my page treats everyone with equal respect! I am completely open-minded and all about free love. I'm also a very accepting person and I find the beauty in our differences so never feel ashamed to be yourself on this site! 💜💙 Thanks for stopping by Touch My Spine Book Reviews!📚💖💜 I hope your day is full of awesomeness! Namaste! Xoxoxo! Dani💖😜🤘

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