*~Current Situation~The Wacky Bilbliophile’s Sleep Disorder~*

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So… I’m sitting here reading📖 and see that it’s indeed 2:30 effin’ a.m. in the morning.😱 I have to wake my kiddos (who will fight me on waking up😭 and ultimately I will win👏) at 5:45. But, but, but I’m mid chapter!!! One More Chapter should be qualified as a true sleep disorder📈😴. Bilbliophiles worldwide🌎 are losing sleep😫 constantly due to our intense need for one more chapter and turning another page!📖🔖📚We just can’t help ourselves. With sleep deprivation😪, randomness💡 and my absolute need to continue reading📖, I advocate there be clinical trials🔬, therapy📋 and support groups👥 for this disease. They can even say it’s a form of O.C.D. and call it O.M.C.!📑📊 The question is sleep deprivation due to expanding our minds💡 with the power of reading📖 really that harmful?🤔 Let me know your thoughts🗳 and know that this post was written by a sleep deprived and wacky Bilbliophile📚📖. Together we stand💪👫 to turn another page📄, live 1000s of lives🤗 and say fuck it🖕 to sleep because we are badass😎 readers(You won’t hear us SNORE!). See you guys after one more chapter! Oh yeah and Happy Halloween🎃🎊 lovelies!😗 I hope your day is filled with candy🍬, trick or treaters👻, slutty outfits👢👙 and spooky movies😱! Whatever tickles thy pickle🥒!

*The Nightmare Before Christmas adapted by: Jun Asuka by: Tim Burton~5 stars*

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I want to thank NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributors for providing me with an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Disney Manga Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas

Adaptor: Jun Asuka

Publication: 9/26/2017

Page Count: 176 Pages

Synopsis: This is an adaptation of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas in Manga format.

Jack Skellington is the ruler of Halloween Town and the Pumpkin King. Jack feels down and out about constantly being the spooky king and thrives for a change. When Jack stumbles upon the portal to Christmas Town, Jack gets very excited.

Since Jack has the blues and craves a change, he decides its a great opportunity to steal the real Santa and become the new Spooky Santa. Jack rejoices and spreads the word that he is going to have a Scary Christmas!

Patchwork Doll Sally tries to reason with Jack while crazy Oogie Boogie plots and tries to take over Halloween Town! Will Jack make a sucessful Santa? Will Jack ruin Christmas and lose Halloween Town forever? Read this manga adaptation to find out!

Review: I give this manga 5 out of 5 awesome stars! I have always been a Nightmare Before Christmas fan since childhood. I still watch the movie every year with my kids on Halloween. This was the perfect time of the year to read this manga and made me fall in love with the spirit of Halloween all over again. I highly recommend this book to any fans of the movie! This book is perfect for young people and plan to get this book for my children!😁📚🎃

*Creative Designs and Funny Signs*

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Hello lovelies and fellow book lovers! Sometimes we just need a good laugh so I try to post a mix of things on my blog! Today I’m sharing some creative designs by special people and some funny signs. #heresyoursign

*Abandoned Libraries*

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Disclaimer: These can be difficult for a book enthusiasts to look at😢 I think they are beautiful and sad at the same time. I want to save all of the books! I also thought the feel of ghost towns/abandoned libraries was perfect for upcoming Halloween!😱😱😱