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*~Current Situation~The Wacky Bilbliophile’s Sleep Disorder~*

So… I’m sitting here reading📖 and see that it’s indeed 2:30 effin’ a.m. in the morning.😱 I have to wake my kiddos (who will fight me on waking up😭 and ultimately I will win👏) at 5:45. But, but, but I’m mid chapter!!! One More Chapter should be qualified as a true sleep disorder📈😴. Bilbliophiles worldwide🌎 are losing sleep😫 constantly due to our intense need for one more chapter and turning another page!📖🔖📚We just can’t help ourselves. With sleep deprivation😪, randomness💡 and my absolute need to continue reading📖, I advocate there be clinical trials🔬, therapy📋 and support groups👥 for this disease. They can even say it’s a form of O.C.D. and call it O.M.C.!📑📊 The question is sleep deprivation due to expanding our minds💡 with the power of reading📖 really that harmful?🤔 Let me know your thoughts🗳 and know that this post was written by a sleep deprived and wacky Bilbliophile📚📖. Together we stand💪👫 to turn another page📄, live 1000s of lives🤗 and say fuck it🖕 to sleep because we are badass😎 readers(You won’t hear us SNORE!). See you guys after one more chapter! Oh yeah and Happy Halloween🎃🎊 lovelies!😗 I hope your day is filled with candy🍬, trick or treaters👻, slutty outfits👢👙 and spooky movies😱! Whatever tickles thy pickle🥒!

19 thoughts on “*~Current Situation~The Wacky Bilbliophile’s Sleep Disorder~*

  1. Haha…oh man, I once read a novel (The Elfstones of Shanara by Terry Brooks when I was still a teen). It was 4 o’clock in the morning when my mother came bursting into my room asking me why I still had the lights on? I had completely lost track of time so immersed was I into the story lol 😂 The one more chapter rule by me, usually results in: oh okay…let’s do two other chapters….or three….or four….or more 😂😂 Happy Halloween to you🎃🎃🎃


    1. Yes ma’am! I think all us book lovers have this problem!!! Thanks for asking Kim we had a great Halloween. I rook the kids ro a neighborhood right up the street and we walked around. The neighborhood was full of festive people and walking distance so that made me happy! Also the kiddos made out like bandits!😎 Hope you and your hubby had a good Halloween!🎃👻

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      1. That’s awesome Kim! I love dressing up for the kiddos. I’m sorry your turn out has lessened. I know it’s a joy to see all the little ones come by with their different costumes💖👻🎃 I bet it’s hard that since you became disabled and not able to work with children like you use to! Hopefully next year there will be more visitors and excellent costume choice!!! I bet you looked awesome!

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      2. Yes you’re right Kim! I didn’t think about that! I know a lot of kids that go to malls and church events. It’s sad that people don’t feel safe taking their children trick or treating because how fucked up this world is. It’s all just so sad! I can’t blame the parents that are scared with all these psychos killing everyone these days!!!😡 But it takes away from the joy of the holiday for everyone! So sad and aggravating!😐

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