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WordPress & Theme Issues-Feedback Please?

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So as most of you know I have had my fair share of battles with WordPress. I tried talking to Akismet and it was a disaster again. I would not get a clear answer and it made me bonkers! Ugh! But anywho, the theme that I currently have up has been giving me loads of issues along with my posts that I am almost finished making delete themselves, scheduled posts disappearing, over half of my comment notifications I don’t receive, my page is slow, and I can’t access your pages half the time.😒 It’s been nuts and even makes me feel like giving up sometimes but I really have the desire and really miss all my friends in the blogosphere so so so much. I want to post my reviews but it makes things so difficult. But I know all I am doing is complaining but if you guys have any current accessibility issues to my site or it takes a long time to load my page vs. Others or do you enjoy my page? Please give me some feedback, lovelies! I really enjoyed the unique setup of my theme but I want other’s feedback and maybe some advice on a background change? Maybe I should try another non gif one but it acts the same for me. But if you guys can offer any feedback and advice that would be amazing! If you find my page enjoyable, I want to fight for it and set my mind to fighting out these glitches and trying to work with WP. You guys are always in my thoughts always and are the bee’s knees!💖

☆~Quote/Reading & Thoughts for The Day~☆

3 Card Spread Tarot Reading:1st Card~The Situtation-The Fool, 2nd Card~The Advice-The Ace of Wands,3rd Card~The Outcome-The World

A Quick Weekly Reading: I pulled such great cards when thinking about everyone that has supported me and wanted to share. The Fool lets us know that there is a new start, journey, or beginning to look forward. So the situation is you will be faced with a new experience, and with the Ace of Wands as the Way to handle it, it wants you to know to be passionate, be willing and take inspiration to this new journey you are starting or are on because your Outcome and reward is the World.❤❤❤ The World is successful completion. You will master what is needed and with this wonderful achievement and opportunity. It’s a wonderful feeling to succeed at our tasks and I hope that if this resonates with you that you have great sucess because you deserve it!❤

I just want you all to know I appreciate you all during this hard time and all your thoughts and prayers have meant the world to me. I appreciate this opportunity more than words can comprehend.❤❤❤I will be visiting as much as possible and I’m sorry for my slacking of duties. I have been having WordPress issues and if you are on any device and my header or format looks messed up if you are able to will you send a screenshot to daniellepirok88@gmail.com or on my social medias.😊 I have been battling back and forth with WordPress about my issues with this premium theme they gave me but I need to show screenshots and have been trying to fix the blog catch up on my readings and it’s been hard to put in my reviews with the current situation I am in. Please continue to have me in your thoughts as I face some scary issues.❤

Love your faces!😘🤗

A Hilarious Video To Lighten Your Mood Hopefully! Lol

Tell me what you think? Lmao. Hope it doesn’t offend anyone. Lol.

 Divination Services I Offer And An Update On My Family & Health

Thoughts and Quotes

Hello there, friends! As many of you know I haven’t had internet access and have had one hell of a year, well I kind of want to touch base on that and update you some lovelies, the ones who have been asking questions and what not. So as many of you know I faced a huge financial battle this year and because of how many supportive friends that I have on here I was able to have food, paid some on electricity and was able to take my seizure medications! Yippee! To be honest, I went 5 days without eating, went without AC while it was in the 90s, and was bruised up from head to toe at that time and I was humiliated. So to have loved ones such as yourself do this for me not only made a way, but it humbled me to a great extent to know how many good people surrounded me through their shares, likes, prayers and/or vibes, amazing donations, and most of all the fact that I finally had amazing and trustworthy friends! 




Well ladies and gentlemen, I made two awful mistakes. First mistake was closing down raising $ with my fundraiser without reaching my goal just because I figured there was two forms of employment found, I had a close friend that didn’t mind just helping out babysit, and I was wrong for thinking things were just better and felt that everyone saw me different because I was this loser and beggar. The second mistake I made was literally asking God and the Universe, why I was rock bottom and thinking things couldn’t get worse because man, they did!!!wp-1535208616059.png

One clue of advice, my friends, never ask this question because I think God and/or the Universe took this as a challenge! Like you think that was hard, let me show you some shit! I mean don’t get me wrong, I lived through worse things as an innocent child. No child should ever have to face torture to extremes to get the highest bidder’s perverted fantasy fulfilled. Even though I have lived through this and I have even loved through dying 3 times before the age of 10 and was brought back, I still find my current issues harder to face. Not because it was all in the past, definitely not. In fact, I live with those images and flashbacks daily but what makes my situation so difficult for me is the impact it has on my three amazing children. With them, it changes everything. If It was just me on my own, I wouldn’t care what would happen to me but since I was blessed to be a mom, It changes every  fiber of my being because I may not have chosen to get pregnant with my first child at 19 but I chose to keep her and I made her the choice and promise to protect her above all else. I have to put my pride aside and I must remain strong for them.74115276_1151

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.

-Sophia Loren

So to bring you up to speed and give an update on yours truly and her big family(including all the animals I rescued from death or an abusive situation), things seemed to get better for maybe a month after I did the fundraiser back in April. Things spun out of control and the last few months we have scrambled, walked, applied and tried everything in our power to survive but we are to the point of having no more way, an eviction notice hanging over my head by my own family, no money whatsoever to get out of the eviction, no internet or phone service so are unable to get a hold or hired for any jobs, and three kids that deserve the best and I don’t know what to do. I am absolutely at the end of the line. After I disabled the last fundraiser a month later Thomas’s boss ran off with all his employees checks even though I knew the boss since forever, the car that was providing the other form of income was repoed because when family said they would pay it that didn’t happen. So we went quickly to below zero once again. I kept hope and pushed through and found every resource I could to help and things continued to crumble. As some may know, I am in remission for liver cancer for the last four years, well after getting deathly sick from a spell of not eating again and who knows what else, test results show that my liver enzymes and kidney levels are through the roof even more than they were at cancer status. I haven’t been able to afford the biopsy and tests I need let alone my maintenance dose of chemotherapy that I have been on for years. My inflammation levels are high and I have been in excruciating pain. I also have been fighting seizures and seeing my loved ones not get the proper treatment as well. It has been literally one thing after another. The doctor put me on bed rest until I can find out what’s going on with me and then my world comes crashing down and my children got hurt if you don’t know about the situation, you can read about it @ https://touchmyspinebookreviews.com/2018/07/20/motherhood-heartbreak-how-do-i-pick-up-the-pieces/

I will tell you that thankfully my children haven’t been without food because us adults stopped eating for them a few times and now we have food benefits and help from our church with food but everything else is CRAZY!😵 I also found out that my children were hurt and that made things go through a whirlwind. I panicked at every turn but finally regained my will and I’m the end I’m still at a lost and running out of time quickly. I struggled to pay for copays and any deductible for my kids to be seen by a specialist and they still need to be seen but my car doesn’t have insurance and needs a repair. Also the “friend” that was the babysitter that first month stole our rent money and hacked into our accounts, stole everything I own of value, and even stole family heirlooms that were irreplaceable or push come to shove could have been maybe sold for a way but she took everything. I am fought to stay myself through all this but now I am at the point of losing it. We have to come up with some money by next week and we have to come up with a plan because we will be homeless and hungry in the next 2 weeks. 

I know that that’s a lot to digest and you’re tragedyprobably already running to the hills!!!

tenor (1).gif

I don’t know for sure why I am blaring this on public forum besides the fact that I feel bad that I have been so minimally active and really felt I should have given everyone a better follow up after the fundraiser and I love to vent here in the occasion, to be honest. Lol. Not only do I love to vent on here because this is the only place that I feel like I can  be myself and have support from real friends. The friends that I have missed dearly. Phew! Does it feel good to let it all loose to you guys!giphy red-flower-drawing-page-divider-5-1024x252Another thing I wanted to share was that I wanted to see if anybody was interested in my services for great prices.(I know that sounded a little sexual but promise that I am not offering sexual favors over the internet. Lol. No judgement though, if that’s your thing because to each is their own. What I am talking about is I have been a professional Tarot, Oracle, Angel Readings and Lenormand Reader, I also have professionally read palms and conducted basic numerology and astroloft reports. I knew you guys knew I was a reader and into many different psychic things and many different divinivation tools but I don’t think I shared with many that before my recent spiritual awakening I did professional readings years ago for about four years in a small business. I also have been accepted by Zodiac Psychics as a Tarot Reader and Life Coaching or being a counselor of sorts. Not only do I have professional and educational experience in all types of divination, I have my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I know some may be thinking who would want advice from someone who doesn’t have it together financially and such but suruprising as it may be, I also have certifications in drug counseling and have volunteered for many years as a counselor at The Rape Crisis center and as a speaker and mentor at group homes that I attended as a child. I still have clients that I have seen for Tarot & advice that I started seeing 5 years ago, just unfortunately they came upon some stress as well this year so I try to help them out anyways much as I can. So with all this being said, it’s beyond obvious that my family needs a way to make money and I am to the point at putting my pride aside but I don’t want to offer nothing in return to people. I mean if you guys aren’t into any of the stuff I offer or some kind of book promotion and want to help me out and donate anyway, I would be forever grateful and definitely am not trying to say I’m too good for donations at all. In fact, I would love some prayers, shares, vibes, encouraging words and/or donations to help go towards keeping our home together and for me keeping my children. I’m so sorry if this comes off as begging or any kind of way but I really want to give my kids a home and also find a way to get to work and do what’s best for them and get medical treatment and pray for a miracle. Even with all of this and knowing my chances of survival are slim if my cancer has returned, I still have that drive and push to keep things going and to fight for my kids. I also want to be there for you guys as well! Which luckily my neighbor is letting me use her internet because she is going out of town for the next week or two so I can hopefully figure something out. I don’t know if I should start another fundraiser via GoFundMe due to the fear of losing my children to very unkind people but my PayPal e-mail is daniellepirok88@gmail.com and I will also have a free texting Wi-Fi number working starting now again which is +1-843-941-7929. Please email or text me about any services I could provide or any questions whatsoever. Thank you for hearing me out my friends. Regardless of anything, I am so glad that I have met you all and will be visiting your blogs over the next few days! Yay!💖XOXOXOXO😘💯💖



P.S. I also want to request that everyone can send positive vibes and/or to Stephanie @ Stephanie’s Novel Fiction! She has been having some serious health concerns and I think she is one of the most amazing people in the planet so she deserves a speedy recovery. Steph, thanks so much for all you have done for me. You are a fighter and I know you are going to get better and end up on top! 💖💖💖

Sorry for lack of proofreading, my device is being slow and TBH I am very anxious and feel vulnerable about all I shared so going to proofread later when I calm down and feel better. Love ya guys! Hakuna Matata, Loves! Xoxoxoxo 🌹💜🌹💜


20 Facts About The Girl Behind Touch My Spine Book Reviews

Hey there lovely people! I have missed everyone so much and have to admit that I am in a huge blog slump… I went from a twice a day poster to a where the hell did that crazy girl go poster. Shit happens and life happens but we all float on… This isn’t a post to talk about how much my life sucks and I have lost all my income and could be evicted with 3 kiddos. No freakin way! This is a post that I share 20 things about me and whatever shitty hand I have been dealt that is not who I am. I am more than that and I am a wild and free spirit. I wanted to post something random to help me get out of my blog slump so I figured why not share what’s behind the girl that loves everyone and is the owner of Touch My Spine Book Reviews.

I have so many reviews to post and I have been overwhelming myself with posting. I don’t have any idea how I suddenly developed a fear of posting my reviews. I tell myself that I am going to post them or at least some and I will get overwhelmed by it then I procrastinate all of it. This makes things way worse! Now I have so many to post and I don’t know where to start or what to do!

WOAH! I think I just overwhelmed myself and probably others by that last paragraph. Well.. I will just put it this way, Fuck all that Shit and let me break that barrier of posting by sharing 20 random facts about myself besides I love books because we all know that! Once I get back in the groove of everything and get over my low self esteem issues all will be good in the hood. Thanks so much for checking out my post and sorry for the rambling, my loves! I miss all of your faces and hope you guys have a fantastic week! Xoxox😍😍

*20 random facts about Dani from Touch My Spine Book Reviews!*

  1. I have 3 children. Zoey 9, Gabriel 6, Vincent 2.
  2. I cuss like a sailor and say things that are inappropriate. IE: Buttsex, Stuff about other kinds of sex, your mom inappropriate sayings. I just have such a random personality that you don’t know what will come out of my mouth next!
  3. I am a free-spirit/free-bird. I even want the song Free Bird by Leonard Skynard played at my funeral.
  4. I dress in gypsy/hippie skirts and dresses pretty much every other day.
  5. I wear goth clothes the other half of the time with lots of black, fishnets, spikes and spiked biker boots. Had to accessorize with my hair being every color under the sun at one point or another.
  6. I have 15 piercings and remember getting half of them.
  7. I have 21 tattoos.My other spunky personality got me a tattoo that says “Supa Soaka” on my ass. *hides in shame*
  8. I have been on my own since I was 15 years old.
  9. I battle/have been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. *If you receive a random comment or see a random post that sounds crazier than me(I know, how crazy can you get¿?), that means an alter has made it through my security set up on one of my devices and I apologize ahead of time.*
  10. I am an Intuitive Empath and just discovered this and I am going through a Spiritual Awakening. Being an Empath I physically and mentally feel the emotions of others. Even if someone gets embarrassed on t.v.I have to step away because I hurt for them. I have went broke many of times, spending 90% of my pay on others and helping them through hard times. Lately I haven’t done any of that though since me and my kiddos are just trying to stay afloat.
  11. I am an open minded Christian with a twist.
  12. I am a pansexual. I fall in love with hearts not parts.
  13. I am polyamorous lady. I believe love should not be restricted and you can love more than one person and have more than one soul mate.
  14. I am disabled and haven’t been able to work since 2015 and now battle an agoraphobia and other illnesses that keep me homebound.
  15. I started blogging to meet new people who love books because majority of the people I know don’t read. I even had a close friend ask me, “Why do you read when you’re not in prison?” Lol.
  16. I live in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. I do have a southern accent to folks that live out yonder and not in my neck of the woods. Southern Belle or a Crazed Hick? You take your pick.
  17. I use to travel all over the States without a destination or any plans whatsoever. I would go wherever the wind took me.
  18. I am a survivor of extensive childhood abuse and abuse as an adult. It made me who I am and I am a warrior!
  19. I kicked cancer’s ass 4 years ago!!!
  20. I love others immensely and I cannot hate a soul even those that have abused me. I am all about “free love” and giving peace a chance. Yep, I am a hippie.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on about myself! Tell me something random about yourself in the comments below!!!

*~Positive Dani 2.0~The Avoidance of the Itchy Butthole~*

Hello my loves and I hope you guys have had a joyous weekend filled with reading, time with your loved ones or butt sex! Whatever tickles your pickle, I hope it was a joyous one! 

So it’s been a while since I have rambled on or had any posts that were in Dani-style articles that either make you shake your head or think “what is wrong with this girl?” Well I want to talk about positivity and positive self talk. You know affirmations and being mindful and shit.

I have the most difficult time just being myself and being okay with it or just even looking on the bright side. I have lately let the fact that my life and my body have been falling apart get the best of me. I waved that damn surrender flag. I stressed myself into ulcers and stomach bleeding. It’s just been a horrendous mess. One of my main New Year’s resolutions was to be flippin positive and I lost sight of that.

I mean when you think about it life can always be worse. Like today I was wishing I didn’t battle agoraphobia and I wasn’t on bed rest so I could go out on some real adventures. Well let’s analyze this for a moment. First off I am poor as shit. Like saying paycheck to paycheck would be an upgrade so if I could leave the house I would go to Wal-Mart and get groceries that are needed and trust me this reminded me to stay positive. Worse things can always happen!

Going to Wal-Mart is the epitome of a disaster. Either you are surrounded by the people of Wal-Mart which trust me in South Carolina is scary as hell or you’re going to have another issue. Other issues at Wal-Mart would include rude-ass customer service workers, you go in with a list and get everything besides what’s on the list or something like your butthole itches. 

I know what you are thinking. What does your butthole have to do with this? Well think about when your butthole itches in a public place like Wal-Mart! It’s killer! You want to itch it so bad but there are people everywhere you turn and the bathrooms have a line to just wash your hands! So you start walking strange and doing some kind of weird cupid shuffle to get rid of the itchiness but it just doesn’t work! Even if you were to get a chance to scratch, you can’t wash your hands because of that damn line.

So as my way of “thinking out loud” like my friend Pete @ http://beatlypete.wordpress.com/ does on Sunday, I am going to start being more positive! Pete does his “Thinking Out Loud” posts on Sunday so thinking of him got me thinking…. I may have to be on bed rest or scared to go in public but I am not stuck in public with an itchy butthole. So you always got to look for the silver linings in life and tell yourself these things!

Also I was not going to write this because people may think I’m weird but the thing is I am weird so it’s all good. I need to embrace my weirdness and embrace the fact that I avoided Wal-Mart and a public itchy butthole. 

So in conclusion, I am going to work on my positivity and seeing the good in all things and really try to get on track with my resolution! I hope everyone has a great day! I LOVE you all!