20 Facts About The Girl Behind Touch My Spine Book Reviews

Hey there lovely people! I have missed everyone so much and have to admit that I am in a huge blog slump… I went from a twice a day poster to a where the hell did that crazy girl go poster. Shit happens and life happens but we all float on… This isn’t a post to talk about how much my life sucks and I have lost all my income and could be evicted with 3 kiddos. No freakin way! This is a post that I share 20 things about me and whatever shitty hand I have been dealt that is not who I am. I am more than that and I am a wild and free spirit. I wanted to post something random to help me get out of my blog slump so I figured why not share what’s behind the girl that loves everyone and is the owner of Touch My Spine Book Reviews.

I have so many reviews to post and I have been overwhelming myself with posting. I don’t have any idea how I suddenly developed a fear of posting my reviews. I tell myself that I am going to post them or at least some and I will get overwhelmed by it then I procrastinate all of it. This makes things way worse! Now I have so many to post and I don’t know where to start or what to do!

WOAH! I think I just overwhelmed myself and probably others by that last paragraph. Well.. I will just put it this way, Fuck all that Shit and let me break that barrier of posting by sharing 20 random facts about myself besides I love books because we all know that! Once I get back in the groove of everything and get over my low self esteem issues all will be good in the hood. Thanks so much for checking out my post and sorry for the rambling, my loves! I miss all of your faces and hope you guys have a fantastic week! Xoxox😍😍

*20 random facts about Dani from Touch My Spine Book Reviews!*

  1. I have 3 children. Zoey 9, Gabriel 6, Vincent 2.
  2. I cuss like a sailor and say things that are inappropriate. IE: Buttsex, Stuff about other kinds of sex, your mom inappropriate sayings. I just have such a random personality that you don’t know what will come out of my mouth next!
  3. I am a free-spirit/free-bird. I even want the song Free Bird by Leonard Skynard played at my funeral.
  4. I dress in gypsy/hippie skirts and dresses pretty much every other day.
  5. I wear goth clothes the other half of the time with lots of black, fishnets, spikes and spiked biker boots. Had to accessorize with my hair being every color under the sun at one point or another.
  6. I have 15 piercings and remember getting half of them.
  7. I have 21 tattoos.My other spunky personality got me a tattoo that says “Supa Soaka” on my ass. *hides in shame*
  8. I have been on my own since I was 15 years old.
  9. I battle/have been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder. *If you receive a random comment or see a random post that sounds crazier than me(I know, how crazy can you get¿?), that means an alter has made it through my security set up on one of my devices and I apologize ahead of time.*
  10. I am an Intuitive Empath and just discovered this and I am going through a Spiritual Awakening. Being an Empath I physically and mentally feel the emotions of others. Even if someone gets embarrassed on t.v.I have to step away because I hurt for them. I have went broke many of times, spending 90% of my pay on others and helping them through hard times. Lately I haven’t done any of that though since me and my kiddos are just trying to stay afloat.
  11. I am an open minded Christian with a twist.
  12. I am a pansexual. I fall in love with hearts not parts.
  13. I am polyamorous lady. I believe love should not be restricted and you can love more than one person and have more than one soul mate.
  14. I am disabled and haven’t been able to work since 2015 and now battle an agoraphobia and other illnesses that keep me homebound.
  15. I started blogging to meet new people who love books because majority of the people I know don’t read. I even had a close friend ask me, “Why do you read when you’re not in prison?” Lol.
  16. I live in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. I do have a southern accent to folks that live out yonder and not in my neck of the woods. Southern Belle or a Crazed Hick? You take your pick.
  17. I use to travel all over the States without a destination or any plans whatsoever. I would go wherever the wind took me.
  18. I am a survivor of extensive childhood abuse and abuse as an adult. It made me who I am and I am a warrior!
  19. I kicked cancer’s ass 4 years ago!!!
  20. I love others immensely and I cannot hate a soul even those that have abused me. I am all about “free love” and giving peace a chance. Yep, I am a hippie.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on about myself! Tell me something random about yourself in the comments below!!!

128 Comments on “20 Facts About The Girl Behind Touch My Spine Book Reviews

  1. Wow what a life, you are one strong person and very brave to just share all this with everyone. I wouldn’t have thought you had children already, you seem so young! I’d probably be scared of you if I didn’t know you and met you irl with the cussing and the tattoos and all :-). Yep I’m easily intimidated 🙂 but looks can be deceiving, I know you’re so sweet so I’m very happy to know you! xxx

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  2. I understand completely. We all burn ourselves out and hit a slump every once in a while! Good to see that you’re still around and fighting!! I missed you and was super worried! 💖💖🍻😍😙

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  3. As for number 16, I am going with ‘Southern Belle’. 🙂 x
    This is open and honest, but you always have been just that of course.
    Trying to think of something random about me. Hmm…
    OK, I have small feet for a man, just a UK size six and half (US size is 8.5). I have to buy size seven shoes most of the time, so they always feel loose. 🙂
    Best wishes, and take care of yourself. We are all thinking of you.
    Pete. xx

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  4. So glad to hear from you Dani! It was so amazing getting to know you that little bit more and I really hope things start running slightly smoother for you soon. I will be thinking of you! 🧡🧡

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  5. You are a very strong person, Dani. I enjoyed reading your 20 facts and getting to know you more. I am a transplanted Southern Belle-Hick (Western NC here). ❤

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  6. Why do you read when your not in prison? Too funny 🙂 I’ve had people ask if I don’t have anything better to do than read (like it’s a bad thing?) but I haven’t gotten prison yet!! Anyway lovely post and pics. I hope things get better for you soon.


  7. Daniiiii!!! Im sending you good vibes and hoping that everything resolves soon. Wish we lived closer to each other >.< Something random about myself: I procrastinate by cleaning everything around me instead of doing what I need to do 😛

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  8. Hi Dani, you are definitely a survivor and I admire you so much. You are amazing! About me? Not much to tell, except my father was an alcoholic with a personality disorder and possible bi-polar, but we loved him just the same. However, when he was very drunk he became angry at the world and my mother would hid all of us in one bedroom (with her) and we would push the furniture up against the door and hide all night in utter silence.

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  9. Well Dani it must not be easy being you. I mean aside your illnesses being constantly bombarded with others emotions must be overwhelming!

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    • It is quite overwhelming, Sophie!😢😢 I still on to the smallest of things and hurt so much for others. That’s the main reason for my agoraphobia. Many Empaths actually get to that point if it’s too strong. I numbed it out with drugs before and now that I am clean I feel times 100!😢 I feel other’s physical and emotional pain all the time and wish I could get it under control quicker! Thanks so much for your support, Sophie. I missed talking to ya!😍💙💜💚


  10. I have been lurking for awhile and reading your reviews but never deigned to comment on anything until now. I don’t know how I met you but I’ve been getting your Twitter notifications for, well, probably years? Anyway, I thought I’d write because I would like to converse with you, especially about books. I don’t read nearly as much as I would like, although I often read in spurts. In 2016, for example, I read 57 books, and I kind of surprised myself after tallying them up. Anyway, maybe we can chat some time. Have a nice day.

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  11. Interesting post! Sound like an interesting person. I am hoping to go to the U.S next year. Then I can say I have been to North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australasia and Asia.

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  12. You’re definitely a warrior! You have a lot to be proud of. You’re a badass chic with a great heart! ❤️ Keep kicking ass. Stay tough. And sweet. 😉 You’re an amazing person, not many people can be tough and sweet at the same time. 👍🏻 Best wishes to you and your kiddos. 😊

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  13. I can’t ever tell you enough how beautiful you are, inside and out! Don’t ever feel like you have to apologize for anything. Thank you for sharing these facts with us! Always love getting to know more about you! ❤

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  14. So much to comment on — I love reading all about you. And I must say… I’m jealous of the tattoo and piercing counts. I had 4 piercings in the past, but all are out now. And I want to get a tattoo, but I can’t decide what so I don’t. You really are a beautiful person and I’m so glad we connected. xoxo

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  16. Oh, I love this! We have so many things in common with the cussing and the kids, but I am jealous of your tattoes – I am a chicken! Bloggers ‘choke’ is what I call the fear you have, and I get it often! Such a fun post & hang in there! =D

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  17. Glad to hear more about you, glad my prayers were answered and you got the meds you needed, hoping things continue to improve for you and your family. 😊
    We all get ‘bloggers choke’ now and then, you’ll get past it. I practice by writing something, anything, every day. 😊


  18. Dani, you are a beautiful person with such a loving heart and you are much loved by all your WordPress friends. I am very proud of you for everything you have accomplished. You are amazing.

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