WordPress & Theme Issues-Feedback Please?

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So as most of you know I have had my fair share of battles with WordPress. I tried talking to Akismet and it was a disaster again. I would not get a clear answer and it made me bonkers! Ugh! But anywho, the theme that I currently have up has been giving me loads of issues along with my posts that I am almost finished making delete themselves, scheduled posts disappearing, over half of my comment notifications I don’t receive, my page is slow, and I can’t access your pages half the time.😒 It’s been nuts and even makes me feel like giving up sometimes but I really have the desire and really miss all my friends in the blogosphere so so so much. I want to post my reviews but it makes things so difficult. But I know all I am doing is complaining but if you guys have any current accessibility issues to my site or it takes a long time to load my page vs. Others or do you enjoy my page? Please give me some feedback, lovelies! I really enjoyed the unique setup of my theme but I want other’s feedback and maybe some advice on a background change? Maybe I should try another non gif one but it acts the same for me. But if you guys can offer any feedback and advice that would be amazing! If you find my page enjoyable, I want to fight for it and set my mind to fighting out these glitches and trying to work with WP. You guys are always in my thoughts always and are the bee’s knees!💖

31 Comments on “WordPress & Theme Issues-Feedback Please?

  1. I enjoy reading your reviews Dani.

    I don’t have any idea about the issue you are facing, but I hope you get it worked out. I read from the app, and your page loads okay.

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  2. You’re blog theme is really catchy, I’ve not seen one like that before. If it’s giving you grief though is it worth it?
    I find it disappointing that no one is helping you. They shouldn’t be happening.

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  3. Hope your doing well Dani! Sorry you’re getting a fit from WordPress. There have been a couple of times when a link to your site in my email notification hasn’t worked but otherwise no issues and when that happened and I popped on without the link it all seemed fine 🙂 Good luck sorting it!

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    • Thanks so much for the feedback, my friend!💜💙💜 It’s finally doing a bit better, I think and things are clearing up slightly so yay about that! I really hate the notification issues though.😢 I hope you are having a fantastic day!!!💙💜💙


  4. Oh wow. It opens for me in WP reader but once I switched over to mobile view noting came up but the comment box. I wish I could offer you some help besides just support.

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  5. I’m sorry you’ve had so many problems. I’ve had some of my posts delete themselves when I get ready to post and it’s very frustrating. I love you and your blog though. I say do whatever makes you happy and we’ll understand ❤

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  6. Hi lovely! I have problems with drafts I’ve written deleting themselves and scheduled posts seem to delete the featured image when they go up.

    In other news: excellent hair! X

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  7. Sorry to hear that you are again having WordPress issues. I have never had any trouble with reading your posts luckily, and I think you blog and the theme looks amazing. That said, whatever form/shape your blog takes on, I always enjoy reading your posts. So make your blog into whatever works for yourself. No matter what it looks like, I will always come back here anyway. Hope things will resolve itself soon😘❤️


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