Reading Is Sexy~Pin-Up Girls Reading

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Hey lovelies! Before I dive back into reading my book, catching up on reviews and reading everyone’s blogs, I figured I post something fun or shall we say SEXY! Some people think of girls who love to read as just nerds that have no life and just always have a face in a book but a lot of people don’t see an intelligent person reading as sexy. Well, I think it’s extremely SEXY!😍😘 When I was in school, being a bookworm was one of the lowest places within all the high school cliques. Even recently, I had a friend ask me, “Why do you read if you are not in prison?” It’s sad that we live in a generation that reading for fun is looked at as odd sometimes and the bookworms of the world are overlooked. Well I am fine with being the oddball out and I think what can be better than a woman with beauty and brains. Yes, they say we can be dangerous but I can tell you one thing we can all be sexy in our own way while reading a book and expanding our minds. These pictures will show you just how sexy the nerdy girl holding a book can be!😉

38 thoughts on “Reading Is Sexy~Pin-Up Girls Reading

  1. I LOVE PIN UP GIRLS!! … Although, the one reading “Capital” looks like she’s sitting on the pooper. Lol! But, I could look at pin up girls all day, any day and pin up girls with books?? …yes, please!! 😍

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    • 😂😂😂😂 I can’t stop laughing!!! She totally looks like she’s on the pooper!!!🤣🤣 I love pinup girls too!😍😍 Thanks for commenting hon!😘🤗

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  2. The book is a really exciting, amazingly thorough history of the pin-up genre from the feminist point-of-view. I found it with extraordinarily useful

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  3. Woo-woo! You’ll get no argument from me, Dani! Any ladies out there want me to read them a bedtime story? I’ve been told I have a “gravelly voice!” 😉

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    • Wooohoo for sexy reading ladies!!!😍 I am so glad you liked this post Michael!🤗 Your comment made me laugh out loud!!!😂


  4. Fraggle was right, these are up my street! 🙂 x
    ‘Plush Claudette’ is an absolute knockout. That’s my kind of girl, in every way. Phew… 🙂 x
    Thanks for the introduction to her, Dani.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  5. OK, it’s 8:13 pm, and I am back for a look at Plush Claudette again! Thinking about how much you said you liked her too! I am seriously becoming addicted to this post!
    What have you done to me, Dani? 🙂 x

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    • Im so sorry Pete! I was thinking avout doing a more voluptuous ladies post! So many women worry about being a bigger woman, I know I do!😓 Also even things are better with “thicker girls”. There still is a lot of pressure from many to loose weight. I had a breakdown from gaining a good bit of weight after being on steroids for months and just lost 30 pounds and seemed to gain most of it back!😭 But as with everyone, I am just my own worse enemy because I am very attracted to a full figured lady!😍

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        • YAY! More cushion for the pushin! I am so insecure about being a plus size woman but I love plus size women so I guess just being so hard on myself because I’m so fluffy! lol

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    • I thought I responded to your comment!!! I agree triple badass!!😍 Thanks so much for stopping by!😁 oxoxo

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  6. I’m not gonna even say anything. hahaha… I actually felt myself blushing as the photos get sexier and sexier… Hahaha…

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  7. Well, my, My, My! I love these Dani, especially as a plus size bookworm myself.🤗😙🤜🏻🤛🏻

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