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Crazy Comment Problem Sorted & Such (Fingers Crossed)

Hello, beautiful people! I hope everyone is having a great holiday season or at least is enjoying a good start to the upcoming New year! I just wanted to let everyone know that hopefully I am now able to have comments on my blog… Continue Reading “Crazy Comment Problem Sorted & Such (Fingers Crossed)”

GRRRR At WordPress!!!

So WordPress decides I am a spammer or something and won’t allow me to follow my followers!!! I am so angry at it right now! I have been trying different devices and different browsers! I also am aggravated that my following sites have been… Continue Reading “GRRRR At WordPress!!!”


Hey guys I know this is a complete random post but this girl(yours truly) has been having some issues with rebloggging post from my favorite bilbliophiles and authors! Sometimes I can go to the web version of the post and be able to push… Continue Reading “*~Reblogging??!~*😕📚”

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