GRRRR At WordPress!!!

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So WordPress decides I am a spammer or something and won’t allow me to follow my followers!!! I am so angry at it right now! I have been trying different devices and different browsers! I also am aggravated that my following sites have been messed with Double GRRRR!

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So if you are a new follower and have tried to follow me, I am try to remedy this problem! Hopefully soon this problem will be remedied and you will receive my  follow and my love on your page! I’m sorry lovelies and I hope it will be fixed soon!

I hope everyone had a great day! You guys rock!

89 Comments on “GRRRR At WordPress!!!

  1. I’ve successfully foloowed you today, Dani, and am receiving your posts. Also, I received your comment on my Goldfish blog – thank you! So some of it is working!

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  2. Some of the issue may come from the counts you have, either from more than a particular count of posts for a day, or the same with the number of links. You’ve done five for the last 24 hours that I’ve seen – is that correct? If so, maybe put two or more of the posts together so you only post a couple of times a day, rather than five or more. That may be what the ‘spam controller’ is picking up on. Always best to check with them, though – I’m nobody’s expert.

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  3. Oh no Dani… I’m sorry this is happening. Im not good with internet stuffs and I hate it too when things like this happen… And don’t worry about your followers, it’s not your fault and I hope it will be fixed soon… have some iced tea or anything that can make you feel a little better. *hugs*

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  4. I have issues with WP at least three times a year. All it takes is for someone to reject a pingback, or mistakenly spam a comment, and I am exiled automatically. It takes a while to get back on track, as those comments are gradually freed from Spam, or WP decides I am OK after all.
    At least you are still able to comment on other blogs, and the rest might sort itself out soon.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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