Book Review: The Big Get-Even

I want to thank NetGalley and Blackstone Publishing for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review. I appreciate this opportunity. Book Blurb:

A disbarred lawyer and an ex-arsonist cross paths and find themselves organizing an elaborate real estate scam to bilk a shady rich speculator out of twenty million dollars. The sting is personal for ex-arsonist Stan and for a woman named Vee, who plays an essential role in the caper. Glen, the narrator and former lawyer, finds himself at first just along for the money. Eventually, as bonds deepen among the conspirators, Glen too discovers he has a lot more at stake than simply the loot.This cast of lively eccentrics discover along the way that getting to the big payoff might just be more scary fun than the monetary prize itself.

Review: I give this book 2 out 5 stars. I hate more than anything writing a negative review! I am always try to be the most enthusiastic person I can be! This book wasn’t terrible and the plot was good, it was just the execution and characters didn’t do well for me. I just felt like it was overplayed and it kept reminding me of films and shows I’ve already seen. The similarities with other con shows/films threw me off base. I think this book will do really well for some people and can have a large fan base. It was just not the book for me but was okay. I enjoyed some of the action scenes and how descriptive the writer was. I just really didn’t do well with the characterization. I still would like to check out more of the author’s works because there was a lot of great writing potential. I was so conflicted on writing this review because I wanted to love it but the characters bugged me too much. I am thankful for this opportunity to review for my honest opinion and do believe this book will still get a great fan base.

I hope everyone has a great day! I have been having some horrible WordPress technical difficulties so if I haven’t responded or followed back, I’m sorry! I am working on these issues! Much love!🤗😙

39 Comments on “Book Review: The Big Get-Even

  1. Oh no, this sounds like a typical con-show setting and underdeveloped characters can greatly affect a story. Anyway, loved the review and honest opinions are refreshing to read as a book blogger ❤

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  2. Sorry this was a disappointment, always tough to write those but when reading a lot and taking a chance on the unknowns it’s bound to happen here and there.

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      • You’re welcome! Now that is the errors that I normally see happening, either too much liking or commenting. I went and checked and found a bunch of your messages in the spam folder. Only advice I can give there is slow down a bit and spread out the likes and comments or you go to wordpress jail. LOL

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      • Hmm…. I approved a bunch of comments I’d found but they aren’t showing up when I click “comments” to reply to people so where oh where did they go? Hopefully they made it to the correct places and just not in notices but I don’t remember now which posts those were to check. *shakes head* Thank you wordpress. LOL

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  3. Always best to be brutally honest in your reviews.
    This book does indeed sound too derivative. We have all ‘been there before’, I suspect.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  4. Aw, sorry to hear you’re having technical issues on top of not enjoying the book so much. You do so well to get through them though, if I start reading a book and can’t get into the characters I don’t even bother finishing it, life is too short and there’s plenty more books in the sea! So well done you!

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