Book Review: Darlings by Nick Rester

I want to thank Nick Rester for gifting me an ARC of Darlings from an Instagram Giveaway. All opinions and views expressed are my own.

Darlings follows the final months of the young adults born with the Iris disease. This rare disease causes its victims to be born physically flawless, but curses them with a twenty-two-year lifespan. At the end of their lives, they gather under one roof in New York City to live out their dreams. Fey Davis is the youngest of the Irises and he soon becomes obsessed with Marcy Darling–the leader of the group. Marcy has everything he’s ever wanted in a girl: strength, confidence, and fierce beauty. But why did he have to meet her so late in his life? As their time comes to an end, Fey experiences love and fame for the first time. Lost in the throes of existential terror, Fey and his new friends count the minutes to their deaths. Gossip Girl meets Gone Girl in this brutal romance.

Review: I give this book 5 out of 5 Unique Stars! When I read this book a few weeks ago I devoured it! Yes, Yes I know I’m a tad behind on my reviews, guilty as charged!🤤 But anyways, I was surprised by the intensity and how much this book sucked me in! Some scenes might trigger some folks but overall this was an awesome and unique book!

I enjoy going to a “what if world” where things might be more dystopian. I felt completely hooked from this brutal romance and it made me feel so many different types of emotions!

I loved Fey and Marcy’s characterization. While reading this book it sucks you in and makes your heart race with the need for wanting to know more! I’m glad I picked up this title and would recommend it to YA readers.

I hope everyone has a marvelous day!

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