2017 Eclipse in Moncks Corner South Carolina

So hello everyone and hope everyone is having a better 2017 Solar Eclipse day than me. I know, I know I am supposed to be looking at the darn glass half full. Well today I rant because my mother got my family and I these cool solar eclipse glasses(the ones people are half naked on the side of the road selling for 10$ a piece). Da*mnnnn, for the way these things look you should expect sexual favors at that price included! But anywho, I woke up making plans with the little offsprings to watch this once in a lifetime opportunity and I am going to skip some reading time to do so. So eclipse officially starts at 1:16 and all the blogs are talking about the clear skies! Yeah Baby! *does cabbage patch* Free once in a Lifetime experience!

So 1:15 gets here and it starts raining…..😐 Okay going to stay half full we dont have totality until 2:45. So I sit out in the rain and keep trying to see this special ooohh and ahhh event. The rain continues to get worse and thunder! To top things all off and to put the gravy on top of my mashed taters; the rain starts clearing up right as the eclipse ends and stays cloudy. This blows and we could have been reading! I mean, HELLO NASA you said this was supposed to be the bees knees for us folks in the Lowcountry instead you flooded our yards, took up precious book reading time and wasted my mama’s money! I mean God bless the woman she was a tiny thing and my head was huge for her labor. Anyways thank you mama for being sweet and trying to do something awesome for me! Now I am not trying to say I had it the worst! It was expected to have like a million visitors in my area and people were even charging people ridiculous amounts for room and board. How awful that so many missed out. I am so thankful that I didnt have to travel for the Eclipse.

So end of rant and I hope somebody has a better eclipse story than I do and would love to hear! Right now I am reading Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson. So far the book is freakin hilarious and comforting me that I can’t dance around naked during the eclipse(jk). This book offers a whole different out of this world experience! I will be updating reviews on here and fix up my site so bear with me folks. Love your faces and put them in a book! Please share your Eclipse experience with me so I can possibly see the half full side.

Author: Daniβ˜†Touch My Spine Book Reviewsβ˜†

Hello lovelies! I'm Danielle a.k.a Dani and I'm a huge Book Dragon! I say Dragon because I'm majestic asf not because my derriere is large;) I am a part of my local Friends of the Library where I get involved with reading communities,author signings, author interviews and book sales! I am obsessed with BOOKS! I am a proud bilbliophile and love reading so much because it is what saved my life! I was in a very dark place and stuck in bed because of my chronic illnesses until I started reading faithfully. Reading allows me to go on so many journeys when I am stuck where I'm at. Reading allows my free spirit to be free! I love everything about books from the way they smell and feel to the way they give me the ultimate escape from reality. I love to review books and get recommendations for future reads. I'm a member of NetGalley and review books on different platforms as well! I love meeting new people and finding the beauty in everything. I love all types of books from wet my pants humor (thanks motherhood), to I love you so much that I want to kiss your face romance novels, to the hairs sticking back of my neck suspense and even some books that might wet your panties in a more erotic fashion! I am a stay at home mom for the most part. I have some awesome kids whom I passed on the joy of reading. I love spending free time to volunteer at small struggling bookstores and donating books to the less fortunate. I have an associates degree in Psychology and starting on a degree in Literature in 2018. My goal and dream is to become a bilbliotherapist. So I can share the love of reading with those who are suffering physically or emotionally. I am also random, sarcastic and very open minded. There is no subject that is off limits for me and I promise to listen with an open mind! I hope you enjoy my blog and would love some recommendations and feedback! I am looking forward to meeting fellow book lovers, book molesters or anyone else who is interested! I blog about other things besides books occasionally as well. I love reading and following different blogs so I can interact with new interesting people. Love you guys and thanks for checking out my site! i appreciate all my followers, any feedback or recommendations!

37 thoughts on “2017 Eclipse in Moncks Corner South Carolina”

    1. Aww… thanks so much 60% in MA! You made my day worth the awful mooning! The fact that I made somebody laugh calmed my tits and oh boy did they need some calming! I am well known to my loved ones for my bluntness and sarcasm! Sometimes we just got to open up and be our charming, free-spirited and sarcastic self. The Oneness with the A**holeness! I’m a very special and random person! You made my day by giving some shits and giggles! Even enough not to start haggling the folks on the streets for favors or my money back! Oh and Betsy is my kind of girl! Her sarcastic, sexy and privelleged behind deserves to be Queen! But in all seriousness thanks for showing me some love I am new to the World of Blog and really want to meet some fellow bilbliophiles. I’m a little technology challenged so I’m still like woah how do I make an about me without all the default stuff posted and makin me lose brownie points. But I’m Dani by the way nice to meet you. #italktoomuch #rantover #amistilltheonlyonethatsayspound

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  1. There will be another eclipse in 2024 and as young as you are you should make it and maybe the kids will enjoy with a greater understanding. I think I am very interested in reading one of your reviews and then reading the book to see how close or far out viewpoint in comparison would be. At least you read enjoyable books so I looking forward to checking out your reviews.

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    1. Thanks Freda! I know we got some similar taste and going to post some more reviews of like Stephanie Plum! And you’re absolutely right until next time. I saw on facebook that you got a nice view from your area! I just love and devour books so we can definetley keep up with each other! Also you know you crack me up everytime we get together! Thanks for posting on my blog Freda sending some positive vibes your way!πŸ€“πŸ“šπŸŽŠβ˜‰


  2. It’s a pleasure to meet you Dani! My name is Kim and I’m a retired/disabled children’s librarian and confirmed bibliophile.😊 I absolutely love your sense of humor! My husband just wanted to know why I was giggling.😁 I can’t wait to read some of your reviews. I have a feeling we share similar tastes. And Queen Betsy! What can you say about a vampire with a shoe fetish?!😏 Would you mind if I reblogged your eclipse experience? I think a lot of bloggers would enjoy your post.☺

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    1. Well nice to meet you Kim! I knew you had to be awesome and what an ex librarian. Like, what, what?! I’m disabled myself but we got our books miss and they can take us so many places when we’re stuck where we’re at! You made my day and making me blush!!! Confirmed book molester here as well! I just love the feel… it wants you to caress its spine. Okay, sorry get a little carried away sometimes! And dang of course the cool ladies always got husbands! Lol. Just kidding! But anywho… Hell yes you can reblog my post I would be honored. Crap on a cracker… You are the bees knees! Way to go Kim’s husband!!!
      #bookmolester #iputmyfootinmymouth #disabledbutbadass #badassbookworms

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  3. Well now you’re just making me blush!😊 I’m sorry you’re disabled too. I’m 52 (ugh) and had to leave my job five years ago after working there 26 years. I do miss it, and the kids, but blogging definitely helps. I started three years ago, and it’s made such a difference. To be able to share books with fellow bibliophiles is wonderful!

    I meant to tell you, I love the name of your blog and your header! That’s me every time I go into a library or bookstore. Actually, I’m even worse because I have to sniff the book and caress the pages, much to my husband’s mortification!😎


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    1. I’m so sorry you had to leave your job after all that time. Also age ain’t nothin but a number! I know that sentence has slang words and not the most literary but you can be awesome at any age! I love your views an your open mind! I am that way with books too. My loved ones like try to gracefully stepaway while it looks like I’m getting a little too touchy feeling with books. I love books but I do have a lot of one night stands.πŸ˜“
      #hugs #bookfetish #maturewomencanbeawesomeandsexy

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      1. Sounds like you got a helluva good catch! I’m 29 and I feel very old. I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and quite a few more debilitating conditions. But my books are my comfort and I have awesome kids. I embarrass them too! Lol.

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      2. Ooh! It sounds like we’re in the same boat😟 I have migraines, fibro, neuropathy, Sjogrens syndrome, and IBS/ulcerative colitis. πŸ˜’ We don’t have kids, but we had the sweetest Pomeranian until she passed away three years ago.😒 It was like having a permanent 2 year old! She used to love it when I read. She’d curl up beside me and fall asleep. I’m glad you have your munchkins along with your books. How old are they?

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      3. Oh no! I’m so sorry about your furbaby!!!😒😒😒 I lost my favorite kitty this January and it was so rough the way I had to see him. I feel your pain. Yes i have those conditions as well. That is a great idea, a support group! I’m so sorry for your loss and your illnesses I know it can be unmanageable at times. 😒 And ao many people don’t understand. I have Zoey (9), Gabriel(6) and Vincent (1 1/2). They are my world and yes I’m also so thankful for books! I’m glad you were blessed with a good husband!!! You deserve it!
        #chronicpainawareness #furbabiesarebabiestoo

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      4. Aww youre too kind!!! I agree completely its absolutley heartbreaking😒. Yes they are my world🌎 I don’t know what it is about this weather but it has my body feeling worse than a broken down crackwho*re.
        #ripfurbabies #munchkinsarethebest #bookishfriendsarethebest

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      1. I have a maximum capacity of 80 blogs I can follow, Danielle, otherwise I have no time to be a ‘proper follower’. If anyone drops out, I will certainly follow later.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. I got shafted here in VA, too. The clouds covered the sun as the storm was coming in, I was able to see the lightning approaching though. Then a complete washout right after the eclipse I couldn’t see, so I rewatched it from the NASA camera. Little disappointing.

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