Review of Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich

This was a hilarious read. I love me some Lula. Stephanie’s ride or die definetley made this story for me. When she was being a “distraction” OMG! So much titty action and offerings of sexual favors! I was laughing my a** off! unfortunately my health has me kind of bed ridden so I have been enjoying light reads. I have been enjoying anything light to keep my mood positive while I’m not in the best place. Stephanie is a kick a**, sarcastic, hot mess and loveable character. Lula and Stephanie are the kind of girls you want to spend the evening with forgetting about standards and having fun taking a walk on the wild side. One word of caution to my fellow bibliophiles; don’t overdose on Stephanie. When reading this series you want to take breaks because overdoing it losing the surprise and fun of her sarcasm and hot mess self. So my fellow Plum lovers, my advice would be read Plum sporadically! Also Team Morelli. I Love both but I can’t get enough of the Itallian yumminess. Got to love them Itallion stallions. The point of all my rambling and random outbursts is I highly recommend this book if you want a good laugh! I almost peed my pants (Thank you motherhood). The in-between series is not as good as the original series but still got the kick ass characters and full of laughs! Just want to throw in there for sh*ts and giggles that Grandma Mazur you are my hero!!! When I get old I want to be just like you!!!

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  1. Fantastic review Dani! Would you believe that I’ve yet to read a Stephanie Plum book? I know! I’m so embarrassed.๐Ÿ˜• My only excuse is so many books, too little time. The series is on my tbr though. Have you tried Darynda Jones’ Charley Davidson series? They’re laugh out funny, and have awesome chapter headings. Oh! And one of the main characters is the smokin’ hot son of Satan!๐Ÿ˜Ž

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    • Ohhh yeaaahhh… that’s what I am talking about I like lmao reccomendations!! I have not and I will be checking those babies out!๐Ÿ˜ You definetley need to check out Stephanie Plum, I know there is not enough time vs. My tbr selection but she is the bees knees!
      #bookmolestersdoitbetter #bookbuddies4ever

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            • Ohhhh no!!!!! Long story short when I first read Harry Potter I was crazy about it but shortly after I was put in a group home so kind of lost touch and didn’t have books or anything really in those places especially because some people think its “the devil” So I haven’t gotten to the rest of them but I know got to make them a priority when I can! And I’m too awesome not to forgive sweetie! Lol.
              #sadface #hugs #pottertbr #bookbuddies4ever


            • Sorry if that came out a little confusing. I stayed in foster homes and government facilitied like that growing up. Only books I got was old school text books and that’s how I taught myself everything there wasn’t school or structure in most of the places I was in and I battle highly functioning dyslexia so it was a big struggle and I figured out a way to enjoy reading even though all I had was encyclopedias and dictionaries! But it’s all good without any high school education was still able to get my GED and score a perfect score across and maintained a 4.0 in college but that’s not the point. There I go rambling again! I didn’t have acess to the books right after I got really into the first one and I really could relate to Harry Potter though in many ways with his home life and we share the same birthday July 31st. Now that I think about it because most of my memories are so scattered I read the first two! But will have to re read and go further! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค“
              #bookbuddies #bookssavedme #proudbookmolester

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            • I keep telling you the wrong books I took a while to collect my memories and read the backs and a book i wrote of my life when i was a teenager I read the first three of Harry Potter! I am definetley going to have to go back and re read them. I had a very traumatic past and unfortunately I deal with bad dissociation so it messes with my memory pretty bad! So sorry and sorry for the rambling hun! But if you ever want to talk seems we went through some very hard times, I don’t know if you can private message on here but we can on Goodreads if you ever want to talk! I hope you are having a fantastic day I’m reading some Stephanie to keep up my spirits! Hope you and your hubby have a good day!
              #bookbuddies #hugs

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            • I really am so sorry Dani for what you went through. It’s funny you mention disassociation. I remember some things from my childhood, but I have huge gaping holes about others. And what is really frustrating is whenever anything remotely negative happens even today, Imtend to block it out. It drives me crazy and has caused even more problems. Grr.๐Ÿ˜ก

              You wrote a book when you were a teen? That’s incredible! I barely managed a journal. Someday you’ll have to catch up with the HP series so we can discuss.

              I don’t think there’s a way to private message on WordPress, but we could definitely try Goodreads, or if you’d like, my email address is listed on my About page.

              I’m still sick, so I’ve been staying very quiet. I’m binge-watching The Defenders on Netflix.โ˜บ๏ธ
              #tons of hugs

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            • I understand the Netflix binge watching! It sounds like you had some very tough things happen that are blocked out in your childhood to make ypu use that defense mechanism but atleast you don’t have DID๐Ÿ˜“ but we wont go intp details over public about that stuff! But I can totally relate and hate ypu have to go through this but know in a way your dissociation saved you it probably started because your mind did it to protect you its a defense mechanism if I didn’t have dissociation I wouldn’t be alive. Well I wrote the book who knows where its at now because I had a lot of free time as a teenager and the places I was in there was a lot of screaming and kids with flashbacks and violence so sticking to yourself and doing something was a good option. My life was tough and I still battle troubles I am a caregiver for my son’s father and he forgets everyday our situation but for my son and he has no one else thats able I have to help him with everything and even put my life pn hold in many ways. I hope God heals his traumatic brain injury but being disabled and taking care of a loved one whose 34 with now the mindset of a young child is really hard. I love him there is just lots of challenges and hes not who he was.But I remind myself we all go through battles and when I think when am I ever going to have a break from the suffering I count my blessings and try to take one day at a time. There goes the rambling again i never really talk about this stuff but feel safe talking to you about the deep stuff I will hit you up on GoodReads or email. I’m here if you ever need to vent or talk mam:)
              #hugs #wegotthis #strongwomen #bookbuddies

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            • I have to admit I’m glad I don’t remember a lot, because the things I do is bad enough.

              Oh my gosh, what a situation you’re in. I can’t even imagine how difficult things must be for you! I know I keep saying I’m sorry, but I don’t know what else to say except I think you’re an amazing, courageous, and strong woman!

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            • I agree girl! I am so glad that I don’t remember everything that happened but it comes in flashbacks and night terrors unfortunatley. But we are strong, smart, literate and courageous survivors! I’m trying to talk better about myself. I have to stop saying “Dani you’re 29 and your tits face the ground because of kids and gravity” that’s bad self talk lol. I hope you know I take all this stuff very serious though, I’m just a sarcastic jokester at times. I guess it helps me not focus on the bad shit like I ate too much and can’t button my pants… But anyways, your really are a strong woman! Just knowing you this short time I can see your beauty and strength. You had an abusive childhood but you went and had an amazing career helping children and met the love of your life. You are disabled and in pain but you take out time to encourage others and say what’s right and take a stand when this world is fullfilled with hatred! I try to take it day by day and count my blessings. We all go through thongs and it just makes ua that much stronger!๐Ÿค—
              #bookbuddies4ever #survivors

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