Review: Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley

India Savage is a rock chick, a cop’s daughter, an awesome bookstore owner and is a free spirited sassy woman. She has been in love with Liam Nightingale since she was 5 and he held her hand at her mother’s funeral. Liam Nightingale is a sexy, once bad boy, and now owns his on investigator compamy alpha male.
Indy goes to his apartment with Roise(her barista) because they were shot at and need a safe place to lay low. Even though Ally Nightingale reassures Indy her brother is away on business Lee shows up in the middle of the night and things get crazy and finally Lee and Indy explore their feelings towards each other. But its hard to explore your love for one another when you’re facing bad guys, getting kidnapped, dealing with a crazy cat loving Nam Vet, pot plants galore, and even the gangs have a mobster run in! Buckle your seat belts for a hilarious, sexy and adventurous ride if you dare to read this book!

So I give this book 5 out of 5 stars! it was absolutely wonderful. I loved the main characters. I could relate to Indy, I’ve always had the rocker chick mentality. I also was crazy about Lee aka Liam Nightingale. Omg wat h out Indy we have to share him. He is an alpha male and he just so yummy you just want to drizzle chocolate on his fiction sexy self. But i really loved how this book was a page turner and captivated my attention right away. I would reccomend Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley to anyone!

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  1. Thank you Kim! I always appreciate your feedback my awesome book sister! This book is the bees knees! And Lee even though he can be a little jealous is the kind of man that can make a girl drop her panties and forget the gospel! Indy’s not so bad herself. I’m having a case of fiction lesbianism. Lol. I mean I’m pansexual so its not completley fiction. *There goes my mind in left field again* If there was a bookstore like Indy’s bookstore Fortnums. I would be at that place everyday! I’m glad I was able to get this book on kindle for 3.99 because Ebay wanted 17$ for a used copy and I’m thinking ohhh hellll naaahh.. That 17 dollars better include sexual favors. Even hookers have QV (quick visit) specials! They have eco friendly prices these days. I was looking at it online strictly for educational purposes because you know its like the oldest profession and they even offer Buy one get one specials and Military Discounts. They’re patriotic, its good to have your priorities in order and give back to our vets!

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