Review: The Trailer Park Princess and the Middle Finger of Fate by Kim Hunt Harris

 Salem is an recovering alcoholic, overweight, and sassy woman! She lives in her little single wide in what she calls ‘Trailertopia’. She has a dog named Stump that plays opossum and dramatic and special liker her owner. When Salem walks by her church she stumbles across a dead body things get even more wild for Salem.
   Tony Solis(Salem’s kind of ex) is arrested for murdering Lucinda Cruz(dead body) crime and is arrested by Bobby Sloan(her childhood crush). She partners up with Viv a wild and free spirited 80 year old senior citizen to right her wrongs and try to prove Tony’s innocence and find the real murderer of Lucinda Cruz.
   This book takes you through Salem’s adventures, staying sober, finding her relationship with God, battling weight issues, trying to keep her head above water and battling trying to right the wrongs she made to her loved ones. 
  I loved this book! Salem was a character I could totally relate to. I also battled addictions in my past, made it pay check to pay check, felt confused with my faith, needed forgiveness and battle weight issues. This book was hilarious but it was also touching at some points. It looks at things from a Christian point of view sort of but not the bible bashing type of Christianity. I really enjoyed Viv also! I hope I grow up to be that wild in my 80s. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a good cozy mystery and is looking for something to strengthen your faith! 5 out of 5 heartfelt hilarious stars!
  Also my lovelies this was a free download on kindle so if you’re interested would get it while it’s free on your kindle or kindle app.

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