*~90’s Kid Nostalgia~*

I’m a 90’s kid and appreciate some good ole nostalgia at times. I agree that I miss the simplicity and wish this generation of children had the same mindsets on some things. Maybe you’re not a 90’s kid but we’re alive and enjoyed the 90’s or maybe you can’t relate to any of these. I love them and it was a blast from the past reminiscing!😉 I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

All of these are so true!

Completely agreed!!!


Heck yes!

Okay, when you put it like that it does make me feel old… Geeze..

Rocko’s Modern Life one of the best shows ever!

Minesweeper was the bees knees!

Loved Clarissa!!!

Oh yes, I did this often!

All I wore was JNCOs and TRIPP pants!!!😉

Loved this phone!

Author: Dani☆Touch My Spine Book Reviews☆

Hello lovelies! I'm Danielle a.k.a Dani and I'm a huge Book Dragon! I say Dragon because I'm majestic asf not because my derriere is large;) I am a part of my local Friends of the Library where I get involved with reading communities,author signings, author interviews and book sales! I am obsessed with BOOKS! I am a proud bilbliophile and love reading so much because it is what saved my life! I was in a very dark place and stuck in bed because of my chronic illnesses until I started reading faithfully. Reading allows me to go on so many journeys when I am stuck where I'm at. Reading allows my free spirit to be free! I love everything about books from the way they smell and feel to the way they give me the ultimate escape from reality. I love to review books and get recommendations for future reads. I'm a member of NetGalley and review books on different platforms as well! I love meeting new people and finding the beauty in everything. I love all types of books from wet my pants humor (thanks motherhood), to I love you so much that I want to kiss your face romance novels, to the hairs sticking back of my neck suspense and even some books that might wet your panties in a more erotic fashion! I am a stay at home mom for the most part. I have some awesome kids whom I passed on the joy of reading. I love spending free time to volunteer at small struggling bookstores and donating books to the less fortunate. I have an associates degree in Psychology and starting on a degree in Literature in 2018. My goal and dream is to become a bilbliotherapist. So I can share the love of reading with those who are suffering physically or emotionally. I am also random, sarcastic and very open minded. There is no subject that is off limits for me and I promise to listen with an open mind! I hope you enjoy my blog and would love some recommendations and feedback! I am looking forward to meeting fellow book lovers, book molesters or anyone else who is interested! I blog about other things besides books occasionally as well. I love reading and following different blogs so I can interact with new interesting people. Love you guys and thanks for checking out my site! i appreciate all my followers, any feedback or recommendations!

33 thoughts on “*~90’s Kid Nostalgia~*”

      1. True, I loved Rolling Stones, U2, David Bowie, etc. but then there’s disco, bell bottoms, and the for God know what reason popular colors of avocado, mustard yellow and orange-red. Ugh! I graduated high school in ’83 and New Wave was much more my thing. Plus I loved the clothes. Puffed shoulders, ruffles and mutton sleeves! Oh! And kick-ass cowboy/girl boots! Yep. That was my time!😊

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      2. Sounds like you had fun! Puffed shoulders! I remember those! I love 80S rock the best! ACDC, Def Leperd, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Guns n Roses, Bryan Adams, I know it’s earlier but CCR my fave! Pantera. I love 90S rock as well. But 80S has my fav music for sure! I bet you rocked some kick-ass cowgirl boots!you

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      3. That’s so awesome! I have my girlie moments as well:) Those boots sound kick ass! And all the musical artist you just named I love as well. I love them all. Fleetwood Mac is good as well early Green Day, Madonna is pretty fun too😉 Great choices in mysic Kim we have so much in common!🤘🎧🎶🤗📚

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      4. I’m not a huge fan especially her outfit choices but I agree I like the songs you mentioned! I just liked that era! Green Day is still one of my favorites!! How about Journey, Montley Crue, Scorpions, Queen, Led Zepplin, REO Speedwagon and man I could just go on. I think you grew up in the perfect time for music!🎧🎶🤘🎵🎤🎸🎙🕪

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  1. Soo true! I remember so many of those toys! ‘Space Jam’ was the coolest thing ever when i was little. Must have been in third or forth grade of primary school when it came out. Also, all those disney movies! My first one in cinema was Aladdin!

    I love looking back on the 90s, such a great time to be a kid, thanks for reminding me 🙂

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