*~90’s Kid Nostalgia~*

I’m a 90’s kid and appreciate some good ole nostalgia at times. I agree that I miss the simplicity and wish this generation of children had the same mindsets on some things. Maybe you’re not a 90’s kid but we’re alive and enjoyed the 90’s or maybe you can’t relate to any of these. I love them and it was a blast from the past reminiscing!😉 I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

All of these are so true!

Completely agreed!!!


Heck yes!

Okay, when you put it like that it does make me feel old… Geeze..

Rocko’s Modern Life one of the best shows ever!

Minesweeper was the bees knees!

Loved Clarissa!!!

Oh yes, I did this often!

All I wore was JNCOs and TRIPP pants!!!😉

Loved this phone!

33 Comments on “*~90’s Kid Nostalgia~*

  1. Soo true! I remember so many of those toys! ‘Space Jam’ was the coolest thing ever when i was little. Must have been in third or forth grade of primary school when it came out. Also, all those disney movies! My first one in cinema was Aladdin!

    I love looking back on the 90s, such a great time to be a kid, thanks for reminding me 🙂

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  2. LOVE this post! I was a young child in the 80’s and a teen in the 90’s so, this was very nostalgic for me. Thanks for sharing!

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