*~Free Ebooks for this Weekend~*

Hey dudes and dudettes! I thought I would share with you a link to some awesome free books! Some have glowing reviews and there is a genre for everyone! Hope everyone has a great weekend and happy reading my loves!

Link to Free Ebooks!!!

Link to Free Ebooks!!!💖📚

15 Comments on “*~Free Ebooks for this Weekend~*

    • Fr you are a trip lady! Lol. But actually a lot of the books will go to being free so the author can get more recognition so bloggers will share or get amazon reviews. Also a lot of times the first in the series will be free so they can get you addicted. Lol. I have read plenty of free books off bookbub that have had thousands of reviews from verified purchases and have been quite enjoyable! They have a section for different categories as well! ButI’m sure occasionally some books are thrown in there for that reason! Lol.😂

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