*Everyone Hates Mondays but…*

Happy Monday folks! I know everyone hates Mondays but I wanted to share a few pics that can help you look at the brightside. Maybe give you a laugh and be glad this hasn’t happened. Maybe it has or worse and am sorry. *hugs* These folks had some shitty experiences that make you just say “well shit….” It happens to us all, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

16 Comments on “*Everyone Hates Mondays but…*

    • No it’s not wierd! Lol everyone has there days. I don’t really see it as much different but they always say Monday is the dreaded day. I guess I kind of hate I don’t have to worry about school craziness for my kids over the weekend and then Monday starts…😱🤤🤤🤤 But yes the bar of soap one cracked me up!!! Lmao.

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  1. Thanks for the chuckles Dani! Some I can relate to, some I feel sorry for but that only ketchup made me laugh out loud for sure since I’ve always got a complaint any time I try fast food…. and they want $15 an hour for their screw ups! LOL

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    • Girl you are right!!!I have no problem with people doing whatever job they got to do. Hell I worked in the food industry for years and worked my way up to manager. But it’s sad how slack people are and they don’t care about customer service at all. I’m telling you my close McDonald’s every single time I go there is a mistake and their so rude. I gave up on fast food.

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      • I put my time in back in the day too. I worked a Burger King for a year back in high school and with starting to sound like one of those back in my day old people I will say I always make fun when I hear on the news fast food workers want more pay… We used to have 3 people working most shifts back then, one up front, one in the back and a manager that jumped back and forth helping either. Now they have like 10 employees mostly standing around waiting for each other to do something and they STILL can’t get it right. SMDH.


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