*What This Town Did with a Shut-Down Walmart*

Hey everyone! I hope all you awesome people had a great weekend! Today I’m sharing what town officials did with a shut-down Wal-Mart in Texas! I think they made a great choice!😊 I wish I had this close by! I would be there permanently!📚📖😍

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Hey everyone! I'm Dani and I am a free spirited bibliophile!💖 I love meeting new people and being a part of this community. I have met the best people in the world being a book blogger and love them as family.😍 Here's some words that describe who I am in a nutshell: Book Nerd Girl, Custom-Made, Hippie Chick, Empath, Tarot Reader, Open Minded, Spiritual(but doesn't push), A Random Rambler, Loves Humor, Pansexual, Poly, Animal Lover, Book Molester, Life Coach, Psychology Major, Dyslexic That Was Self Taught With Books, Inspiring Author, Loves Others to a Fault!💖😍 The only thing I ask for on this blog is respect! Craziness and dirty joking welcome.💯 Discrimination and disrespectful comments can hit their asses with the door!💯📌📝

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          1. Most of ours are too but now they have a whole ecollection available that you can just sign on to at home and click that I love. Borrowing the ebooks too keeps those late fees from happening because it’s all automated when they are due back so that was a plus too. 🙂

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